Demon that can Help me with familiars

A sensitive in this group saw a familiar around me, a female familiar, and did advise to me to give to her some beaf, and a specific meditation and mantra. I gave to her beaf for the First time yesterday, i started to hear a strange sound 10 minutes after, like It was dragon on a Nest doing sounds. And a colony of ants came to my Room(even that there was no sugar or candy) and did like a cycle and stayed there. After that i did the meditation and chanelled the Name of my familiar, who chaldean gematria is 21, and asked her to come into my dreams to me know her well, and that happened today.
I want to know about some demon that can Help me with her, who can strengthen my physics senses, anyone got some Idea?

Shax can help with familiars. Though he does require a lot of respect. If you treat him with disrespect, kiss your sight and understanding of the occult away