Demon that can grant psychopathy?

Don’t worry I’m already a dark cold hearted fuck with some feelings of care that pop up here and there that I ignore since that’s not how I actually feel. (Numb is how I wanna feel)
I already don’t really feel anything.
I am void of positivity.
I would rather not have blind desires that don’t exist in me.
I’ve been fooled by my blind desires many times before. And would rather not feel like I have a desire to be with someone when that’s not how I feel.

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They’re a result of being incarnate into what’s basically a GMO monkey. It wells up from the physical, so T blockers are the easiest way to feel like a robot fast.
Look into cord cutting to deal with them after they arise.

Just do it yourself , a psychopath is just someone who doesn’t see consequences to their actions and impulse driven , but in no way will this ever benefit your life

King Paimon can aid in learning manipulation which is a major trait in psychopaths. I think Beleth also can help with the emotional part. But psychopathy is something you are born with. Sociopathy is however gained somewhere on the way. And that is the more impulse-driven cousin to the psychopath.


Why do you want this?

When I was a kid I was obsessed with socio/psychopaths and wanted to be one, so I did as much as I could to get rid of my feelings. I thought that I was one because my morality was shifty and I didn’t care about anything.

All that did was make me hold everything inside. You couldn’t have convinced me that I had feelings.

I thought it would help me and it didn’t. It set me back and I had a hard time growing up.

I had to deal with my feelings exploding out all at once and it wasn’t pretty. I found out that I’m very sensitive, and that’s why I wanted to be a psychopath. I thought it’d be easier to deal with life.

I’m not saying this must be what you are going through, but I know I’ve had that mindset in the past.

It doesn’t make life easier. It just delays your ability to develop.

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Yes, learn to “split” your conciousness, create yourself self-activable “side-persona” way different from your natural state, and use it in certain situations, towards certain beings or spirits, to affect their emotional states and phasing…

dont honestly know is “practicing psychopathy” actual magickal practice, or honestly very sane or evolutivie way to spend your time…

i think in some way, psychopaty and skitzofrenia goes in hand to hand, if you are the one changing your spheres in order to manipulate, entertain, hit-on or affect beings around you, it can be seen as some kind of mental ability, or conciousness shift

reason psychopathy is seen as sickness, in my opinion is that beings that are labelled psychopats, are usually not honest to them selfs, shooting stars, beings without understanding of longitivity, or to some degree posessed by power, or have some kind of obsession of controlling weak or more humble beings…

more like conciousness shift, different states of existence, practicing being multidimensional, than “psychopathy” like, controlling skitzofrenia, multiple personality disorder inside of you, that is one requirement of becoming actually conciouss beings, not magical, just mental things…

you wont get healthy company if you use term “pshychopat” in glorifying manner, they are not gangsters… they are “lovesick” or hurt people without ability to channel their emotions healthy…

You might want to ask a demon who specializes in psychotherapy, not psychopathy. Psychopathy often arises from childhood conditions that are traumatic in nature which wound the personality. Unless you want to remain stuck in an unevolved state, I don’t really see any benefits to being this way. The psychopaths we see in film and media are highly romanticized - in reality, many of these people’s lives are in utter chaos. Internal alchemy is one of the cornerstones of any kind of magick. Halting emotional expression and empathy will freeze that process of transformation and stop it from happening. In my frank opinion, I don’t think you are even a psychopath - most psychopaths just are, and they don’t seek confirmations or validations for their condition from other people. What you’re going through is likely just severe emotional inhibition or dysfunctional patterns of attachment that stem from being deprived of love and care from parental figures in childhood.

You do you, I guess.