Demon Tarot

So i’ve noticed demons have a tarot card theyre paired with,
Ex: Amon is 5 of pentacles and Belial is 8 of cups
is there a list somewhere of all of them? i have been looking but havent found such yet

Never heard of that combination.

There’s a literal demon deck, might be useful to look it up I think.

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If you are thinking of The Daemon Tarot, it’s more of an oracle deck, since it doesn’t have any suits. They just called it “tarot” for marketing reasons. That being said, I have it and use it regularly.


I literally bought this about 12 hours ago at Barnes N Nobles. @Velenos

This is true, the main reason I bought it was to use the images for evocation.
Also, the deck is derived from Dictionnaire Infernal, which is less known than the Ars Goetia.

There’s many Demons who are mutually exclusive. For instance, the deck contains Azazel and Lucifer, but not Sitri. There are many other similar examples.There’s also some Demons in the deck who are in the Infernal but I’ve never read about here or anywhere else.

I totally glanced over this part lol.
So what I posted can just be taken as general knowledge for anyone reading.

You are talking about the The Demon-Possessed Tarot by Travis McHenry ? - I think that is well made, tbh. Personally I use the classical tarot deck.


I know a guy who made his own deck like this. I’ll ask him what his correspondences were.

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The matching astrological correspondence of the minor arcana cards and those of the 72.
See: the internet :grinning:

Nice skull.

This one