Demon/Spirit to help with upcoming job interview?

As the title says I have a job interview coming up, I really want this job and want to use some magic to help me obtain it. However I am still a beginner and don’t really know which demon to evoke, or really how to go about evoking them. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


I recommend calling on King Paimon or Belial, follow the steps above and you shouldn’t have any problem getting that job. :thumbsup:


Thank you very much for your reply I will ask Belial for help.

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So I decided to try E.A.'s 7 steps for using spirit sigils today at 12am although I added some stuff to it just to personalize it. I drew Belial’s sigil on an 8x11 sheet of paper it took up the whole sheet. I sat inside my garage for around 30 minutes with the lights off, the only source of light was a candle I lit. I gazed at the sigil visualizing myself with the job I wanted and trying to feel the emotions I would if I had just learned that I did get the job. I also chanted Belial’s enn: “Lirach tasa vefa wehlc Belial” and “Alash tad alash tal ashtu” and just saying “Belial come” for some hopefully added effectiveness.

I didn’t see, hear, or feel any evidence of Belial being present but I went on with it and told him what I wanted. I sat for a while longer eventually seeing some waves of “astral static” or energy going across the sigil. Although I didn’t feel him there I thought that was just because my astral senses weren’t developed enough to know if he was there or not so I proceeded to thank him and offer a bit of blood that I just rubbed off inside his sigil after pricking my finger with a diabetic needle which I hope will still help. Perhaps I’m treating this too much like a formal ritual although that’s basically what it is isn’t it? I folded up the sigil after the blood dried so I wouldn’t rip it and put it inside my journal like E.A. does in this video:

If I did anything wrong or should change anything please let me know.

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@Sean Did you see the sigil flashing?

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No I didnt, figured that had something to do with my astral senses not being very developed.

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@Sean You need to see the sigil flashing. Gaze at it correctly for a prolonged period of time and the effect will come.

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I went to the job interview Monday and they told me that 30 others had also been interviewed and 2 of them will be chosen to be interviewed again to see who gets the job unfortunately neither candidate was me. I did try the sigil magic again before the interview, I saw the sigil “flashing” and followed E.A.'s steps again however once again I did not feel Belial’s presence. Although I am a bit discouraged due to my failure, I know magic doesn’t have a 100% success rate especially for beginners. I will still continue to pursue this path and develop my astral senses because I still really want to see and hear spirits. However I am starting to question my sanity.

If the sigil was flashing he was there. No ifs. No buts. He was there. The sigil flashing in and of itself indicates a gateway being opened. There is no way that the sigil can flash without a Spirit being present. Just because a Spirit is present doesn’t mean you will feel it.

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What do you see when the sigil flashes are the lines just fading in and out or is it more like a strobe light?

@Sean It’s all of those things.

I guess I didn’t gaze at it long enough, all I saw was the individual lines fading in and out slowly sometimes 2 lines fading at the same time. Thank you for taking time to reply to me I really appreciate it.

@Sean That is enough. He was there the moment the sigil started to shift. The more it flashes the more the gateway opens. Once it’s fully open it will stop flashing altogether. Just fully present but still. The Spirit is there the moment the sigil starts doing anything though.

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I assumed it had something to do with this

but if he was there that’s awesome.

@Sean The sigil flashing is in and of itself a clear sign of substantial contact. Sure, if you stare at a random set of lines it will start flashing too (in which case you are opening a gateway to nowhere), but nevertheless as long as it’s a Spirit’s sigil the flashing means that a gateway is opening.

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It essentially means that your mind has locked into the right state. There is a certain overlap here between the psychological and magickal. The sigil flashing means that your mind has tuned into another dimension of sorts. As long as there is something behind the sigil that will be what you are tuning into.

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Okay, that makes a lot more sense, I was wondering what kind of spirit is present when those dots started to disappear lol. :arrow_left: (that was sarcasm btw) I’m glad to know its different if I’m gazing at a sigil. Could I evoke a spirit to help me open my astral senses using a sigil or am I on my own with that?

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You could. Though invocation might prove a useful addition for that.

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Can you invoke using a sigil? If so how would I go about that?

The Black Speech? I just googled it and it’s from Lord of the Rings your just messing with me now aren’t you lol