Demon/Spirit Protector

Hi, I wonder who has a lot of experience working with entities of various higher planes here. Are there those who act as guardians of a person, if I may say so. I do not know who can have such influence to cooperate with a person to such an extent, and what he will eventually demand in return and how he consumes energy. There are suggestions in other communities that this is a fiery ifrit, but I don’t understand why. There is little information about ifrits in the public domain and it seems that one way or another it is necessary to conclude contracts with them or tame them
8 years ago already, I may have signed a contract, because I think this is exactly the case, I do not know how, perhaps during sleep, since initially I only gave the intention of protection in the subtle and physical world, without pacts and appeals.
I will not say his name, because it is not a fact that it is true, but it is the name of a demon, but the bottom line is that all other entities of the lower astral and inorganic beings are afraid of him, the same with energies that do not have a specific type, but simply in the form of smoke. Their faces reflect horror at the sight of him, they run or disappear. He can pull out of any closed space in a dream only by mentioning his name mentally or aloud, or even without mentioning it. If the situation is dangerous for me and I can’t get out myself.
According to the phenomenon of the electronic voice, the lower spirits are constantly telling me to stop calling him, information was received from one spirit that “You sat talking to him for a long time, he will come and pick you up soon.” I have an image of him in my head, which I came up with myself in order to have at least some concept to represent, but he never comes in this image.
This is not a Teacher and not a Guardian, since the Teacher specifically appeared only after His arrival. He doesn’t say who he is by nature. And he never lets me look at myself when I have some kind of awareness, so he is either in the form of a dense thick cloud of black, so much so that he absorbs all the light and huge, or behind my back and only the hair color and profile are visible, which is specially blurred.
His seals, which appeared a couple of times, are unknown even to the creatures in dreams who saw them when I teleported with his help, because they were at a loss. The goddess who appeared to me in the 3 gates of dreams (according to Castaneda) is apparently his subordinate. In terms of energy, physically, he does not manifest himself in any way, but when I sat in the morning and looked out of the balcony window, my moral condition was bad. His image appeared translucent, without color, his eyes shone a little. When meditating, when I think about him, it gets hot, as if the body temperature rises by 2-4 degrees. He has an influence on the entire structure of sleep and the astral plane, deforming it and changing it, but he is not the Architect of dreams, I was convinced of this after the arrival of the above. However, I would think that he feeds on my energy, but I often feel a surge of strength, the temperature level, as I have already written, rises, he also does not use sexual energy, either in dreams or in real life, I think, since I rarely do this.

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It sounds to me like a pretty good description of your own higher self.

I don’t hear any red flags or problems, you get more energy thinking of it not less, it support your energy and mood, It’s nearby and easily available, it appears from “under” or “behind” in dreams, which sounds like a symbolic representation of coming through from your subconscious, and everything in your personal universe is subordinate to it.

Well, it’s just strange that if this is my Higher Self, it has a male gender and a male voice, and when I’m helpless in dreams in some situations, not in terms of fear, but in terms of realizing that I can’t do anything and at the very last moment I call him, he comes. It’s hard to imagine such a huge influence in fact, and I want to mention that a couple of times when he appeared in any guise (the energy was his) I kind of bowed to him… Feeling great respect and tenderness at the same time. For example, even to a Spiritual Teacher, I do not have such strong feelings and there is no bow. Therefore, his identity remains a mystery to me. I remember vaguely, but when I asked about him in lucid dreams, others seemed to evade the answer. The day before yesterday, there was also a situation that I was bothered in a dream, I was already just lying on the floor and quietly calling him, as a result, he destroys absolutely the entire subspace. And he comments on the situation, but once again his words seem to be blurred for me when I wake up. And before that, he either just killed / scared /moved into the bodies of sprites, and now he immediately destroyed the location

Appearance doesn’t mean much, they appear as they want to and it’s usually to help the message be received. They are energy beings and pretty much just balls of light.

Biology needs sex, the way we do it, to procreate, sprits don’t do that, do they? So why would one need markers for testosterone, a hormone it doesn’t have? It has to have another reason.

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I’ll think about it… I’ll add another case, I don’t know if it was him specifically or not, but 3-4 times when I met guys and after some quarrels with them they had sleep paralysis, as they later told me, even after the movement, he “pestered” them, although it would seem that sleep paralysis should have stopped immediately after the movements

Well maybe it’s some other protective spirit. It could a lot of things. It could be an ancestor as well. It feels like it’s highly personal, put it that way.

Have you tried asking it? It doesn’t sound like a trickster, and the best one to know what it wants is itself.

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It’s funny, but I think he has some influence on the likelihood of my loving relationship with someone. Since I noticed a certain pattern. Because regardless of what behavior I choose or the style of communication, everything ends up extremely illogically, as if a person changes in a day. But if it comes to business relationships within the framework of ONLY the work that interests me with an inner feeling, I am lucky with most acquaintances. This is strange…Yes, I asked him, I even had a call in the astral I used the “call technique”. I described it in another thread, but the bottom line is that he was in touch with another man at that moment and they were arguing about something. Then I tried to ask in dreams and he is silent 90% of the time, I could count on the fingers of one hand how much he has talked to me for all these 8 years

Ah, there’s the red flag. For something otherwise very present this is a problem. It’s not showing loving behaviour towards you.

It’s up to you, I think you’re already got a very clear picture if what this is and what it does for you, and how it causes problems with relationships.

I don’t see why it matters what it is, do you need to know that to know it’s causing issues? I’d say make a decision on whether you want to try to work with it and get it to fix it’s behaviour, or banish it and get rid of it so you can be free. You could try tell it (without needing it’s agreement) that you want it to change or go,and ask it to leave, that’s the first step.

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I am rather more concerned about the nature of his appearance and his very essence as a spirit (or whoever he is). Just on the one hand, if he helps me so much, then I don’t mind a small minus in the form of a lack of relationships. In any case, something has to be sacrificed

Well, no it doesn’t have to be if you can get it to have the conversation. No need to fold before you’ve even got a face to face meeting.

What if it doesn’t know that’s it’s effect and it isn’t on purpose? What if the relationship effect is nothing to do with it and there’s another critter lurking around?

You have to ask to find out., and you have a right to understand when it’s something that affects you so personally.

An interesting point of view, I will try to ask again since he is very reluctant to get in touch. A seeing practitioner has now written to me that allegedly, as you wrote, he may belong to my family, but is Ancient (something like the Forefather). Regarding the seal, they said that it was probably my structure (the structure of what?). She said that his image is huge

But so are you, and you’re he one dealing with being human, which is a very hard job.

If he’s making it harder he owes you an explanation. If he’s not doing that but is trying to help you, then it’s in his interests to help you understand.

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