Demon sigil to bring violent illness

What demon sigil should I use to bring violent illness

It will make my target stick to bed for months

I used EA technique of opening sigil
After I opened it I ket with targets photo in a dark place
I used focalor and guland sigil


Glasya Labolas, He Can Bring Slow Torturous Destruction and Death.

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I have already called glasya to let him get beaten by his co workers
But no respnse

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Somewhat depends on the disease. But Marbas and Vepar can cause diseases.

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Have no fear! Uncle Al is here!

OK! I’ve got nothing against working with spiritual entities and I’ve done so. That stated, I’m becoming a living God in this life – here and now. Because I started young with Anton LaVey’s atheistic material I guess I was predisposed to trying to accomplish Magick by my lonesome. It’s me and the multiverse and this is what I will make happen! (It’s like exercising.)

The points below also apply to performing baneful workings with spiritual entities.

For personal baneful workings I couldn’t much be bothered as I’ve other aspects of Magick to occupy me, but when aroused I go for death and as all bets are off, I don’t care if others experience collateral damage as a result, I only care that my victim dies. To avoid the very real ‘boomerang effect’, I have no concern or empathy - just pure, directed hatred. You can do this repeatedly to warp the ‘morphic field’, but after every baneful Magickal working you must be completely spent, emotionally drained and physically weak as that way you know you’ve given your working every fucking thing.

Repetition also works to tire your consciousness of thinking about your Magick and thereby delaying results – the old ‘lust of result’ effect. When directing energy, know what the result(s) will be!

Hope that helps.


Search: Elhaz


You could try converting the name of a particular disease into a sigil using a kamea (such as Saturn’s). Not a demon sigil, but it could bring an interesting effect on your target, especially if you channel all of your hate into it. Then tie it to the name of your target and burying it


This is my problem

Since I see that asshole every day I cannot stop thinking when this son of bitch will die

Keep repeating the working until your conscious mind gets sick of it. Know your victim will die. The thing is, if your victim got another job or you did, that would hasten your victim’s demise because you wouldn’t be dwelling on it.



Okay I will repeat it and use your Elhaz

Vepar can maketh men die in three days by making wounds and sores
And to make worms breed in them

But its more than 3 months but no results

A lot of it also has to do with the magician’s ability. What ritual do you use?
And beyond that, if you’ve been hoping for the magick to work and thinking about the magick you did and there’s been doubt about the magick creeping up on you, then that can really suffocate the magick. A big part of it is letting it go. But of course ritual structure and how you execute it is also important.

I used traditional conjuration
And after 2 days I offered sandalwood incense green candles and then recited enn until I got into trance

Later I told to go find this man and make him dead

I’d bet on Marbas. If he knows a thing or two about healing, then he’s just as capable of doing the opposite, right?

It’s not always the case that a spirit can do the opposite of one of their powers, but in the case of Marbas, he is known for also being able to cause infectious diseases.

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Marbas is a great president of hell. He causes and cures diseases. He teaches mechanical arts very well. He likes storax incense

U guys rry pazuzu,?

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For it to work in my experience, uncle Al is absolutely correct. You have to KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt what the result WILL be, hoping that it will work or any weakness on your part is no good. You must put your whole self into it, every time you cast, and you should do it multiple times. Like he said, be completely exhausted and spent after each casting. Know in your mind that it is done, see it and believe it 100%

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