Demon seals

How long do I have to look at the sigil??? How often do I chant the enns??? I’ve got no clue so I’m just doing it for twenty chants enn but I don’t know anything about this since books like lucifer and the hidden demons and demon of magick does it differently… I’m just randomly surfing on the net and finding some seals of demons and chant the enns for a few times only

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You basically chant the enn for as long as you feel like or until you get a sense of presence.

As for gazing at a seal, it depends on a few variables, but in his article about the technique, EA says that it takes on average about 15 minutes, at least in the beginning, for the seal to open or “flash.”


Or gazing at the seal until it begins to flash. ‘‘Flashing’’ is when the lines of the seal begin to disappear and reappear, or when it begins to look 3D.

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Ok my problem is I do so many demons at once while I know the best way is to go one demon per day… kind of a bad experiment next time I’ll do 15 minutes

15 minutes??? Maybe I’m not doing it correctly cause it only takes a few moments for the sigil to glow and sorta parts of it disappear/reappear…

Is there more that has to happen? Is the sigil glowing (the lines/etc) and that not enough for it to properly open, cause when I look at sigils, or things like that (writing/and drawings) in general they tend to start glowing anyway if I don’t look away after about a minute. So wondering if I’m still doing it right.


No, the 15 minutes is just an average. It can take more time or it can take far less. It’s not a hard and fast rule or anything, though, it’s just an estimate so that beginners don’t give up when nothing happens right away.

When I started, it took me anywhere from 10-30 minutes to open a seal.

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Hmm okay, things tend to glow for me anyway and wasn’t sure if that would be an issue.

Like trees/plants/people/etc tend to have a glowing outline to them, and if I look at things like sigils/writing it doesn’t take long for it to have a slight glow - though I do have to have a more relaxed gaze for the lines to disappear and to feel an energy shift.

Just wanted to make sure, thanks.

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Until you notice it opens up.