Demon Protection!

Is there any way or magick to protect your demon?


Could you elaborate? When you say “protect your demon” do you mean a servitor? Or a demon you’re close with? And protect from what?

protect a demon I am close with and give him the energy

I think demons are perfectly capable of protecting their themselves😃


Agreed with @SpaceTravelr.

Higher ranking demons don’t usually need protection, but I’m sure they’d be touched by the gesture.


what about energy?

If they need it, I’m sure they’ll ask and provide instructions.

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how do you communicate with them?

Check the search bar at the top. There’s a hell of a lot (pun intended) of information on the forum, and it helped me enormously.


What I would like to know, which Demon offers Protection… ? that would help.

Thank you

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Technically all of Them can protect you, but if you take a look around you’ll find Demons who are really interested in protection; you can hear wonderful results with Lucifer, King Bael and King Paimon, for example.

In other way you can ask protection from that Deity whom you are working with and your relationship is seemingly well, don’t have to be well known about His/Her protection skills or interests basically.


Typically and Honestly I rather work with one, since I already work with BUNE, and Love everything that is happening. but I was curious to know, since I hear people working with multiple Entities.

Thank you for your input.

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Beelzebub can be called upon for protection, as can Orobas, Halphas, Focalor, Botis and Sabnock.


connect your demon and say some simple command about protect… just it …

i use that way … and success


Yes it took some time, but It works

Thank you all for the help.