Demon pendulum

I’d like to make a pendulum and hopefully join a demon with it and I know they are out there I just can’t think of the right one at the moment. Does anyone know a demon that can not only tell past. Present and future but can answer questions related to all sciences. Seems like a stupid question but my problem is I don’t know a demon that would be willing to blatantly answer a question like that without wanting you to figure it out yourself or something. Thanks guys. And of course this will be an entire process of buying the pendulum. Cleansing. Meeting the demon and evoking and presenting the pendulum and then presenting the idea.

This again perhaps sounds like a stupid question and I’m sorry if it is.

But where I’m getting at is my goal is to make a pendulum that is as accurate as possible as well as to house a demon that would potentially be answering my questions based off his/her expertise in knowledge.

  • answering questions related to liberal arts.
  • past present future
  • yes and no’s

Now obviously it’s up to the spirit and he or she could tell me no to my face just like that but based on my goals who do you think would best be suited?

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There are many demons that can help with divination. Pick up a copy of S. Connolly’s chapbook, Drawing Down Belial which is all about demonic divination.

My personal choice would be Astaroth.


Question. By your knowledge would you say it’s possible that while shopping for a pendulum a spirit can tell you like “pick that one. No not that one. That one” like telling you which one to buy. I have had them to that to me for rituals before like ritual set up but never for a purchase. Thanks!

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Yes, a spirit can sometimes choose the tool.

And sometimes the tool itself can choose you. When this happens, the tool will generally glow in your astral vision, and may feel warm or electric in your hand.


Keep in mind that anything on a string/chain that can swing around can be a pendulum.

I’ve literally stuck a small wrench on a cord before and used that.

I’ve also used malas

And if they’re handy when I’m at relatives and no one is looking…rosaries hehe

This in mind, there are a variety of objects you can put on a cord or chain that would make a good house.

Rings for instance…

Since you have a specific spirit in mind, my suggestion would be to use a sigil pendant of that entity. Or sigil ring…


A nifty idea I’ve pondered:

They make cremation pendant for housing ashes of loved ones.

Instead, you could load it with herbs and crystal chips that are associated or aligned with the spirit. (Maybe a tiny rolled up sigil if it would fit with everything else)

Boom, mini, portable, wearable spirit house. Could also be used as a pendulum. (I would more likely do this for a familiar, or patron though, tbh)

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