Demon or Angelic Healing


I need a demon or angel that can heal body part in the body instantly.


Not sure about “instantly” but from I hear Angels are the better choice for this kind of work. Im sure a simple search will yield you with a variety of different spirits though.


Here is the compiled list of healing entities from the forum:

Not a lot there yet, but it’s a start. As far as the power/speed of the healing, like anything else, I believe it is something that comes with practice. Just like your first dozen or more curses are not as quick or efficient, healing is a skill that requires training and practice. Develop a relationship with one or more of those entities, and you’ll learn what your limitations are, then how to surpass them.


I`ve asked Rantka to heal me some pulmonary illness I had who got me reaaal down, I healed pretty good. It lasted for a month and several doctors with no success before I decided to turn to the occult…