Demon Offerings Question

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I have a question regarding offerings and what they mean. Just like the candles as offering do last if they are lighted up while envoking? Or tobacco in a bowl?


Not sure I follow your question, if you’re asking the order of offerings, I think the mainstream view is after manifestation of your desire. Kind of a this for that exchange, I could be wrong on it.

Personally I start off with offerings, state my request, and go from there. For me the offering is a thanks for showing up.

I have asked a bit badly, sorry. I mean that what kind of offerings are possible and how the way of offering is like place candles, tobacoo or so and if starting the ritual the spirit does automatically take them as offerings? Or is there a conversation like “i offer you these candles standing there for xyz”… do you know what I mean?

It’s very difficult to describe, because actually I still have not made any experiences so imagination is very hard for me.

But I want to be safe and know all, so I can make no bad mistakes and gain respect from the spirit. :slight_smile:

Offerings of incense, food, alcohol and drink are traditional. You can also offer a creative work of art such as a drawing. Candles are another traditional offering, so every time you light them, the spirit knows it is a calling. I have two white candles that are only used for evoking King Paimon. They are his and his alone.

All you do is state something like “I offer this wine to Lady Lilith, as a sign of my respect and honour. Please drink from it as you will.”

Then you leave the offering on your altar for a minimum of 24 hours so the spirit can feed from it at its leisure. After that time, you dispose of it, usually through the elements. Food can be buried, and drink can be poured out upon the Earth, giving a prayer of thanks as you do so.

Offering are usually given after a spirit has fulfilled your request, but if your goal is to build a relationship, then you can make offerings without making any sort of request. Personally, I don’t do offerings usually. I have only done so with King Paimon, and Azazel, to help build a relationship with them for personal reasons.


This totally answered all my questions regardings offerings. Too them I have not asked. Many thanks to you and all posters!

Really awesome people here. Never went to a forum where the people were this kind and helpful. I’m very happy that I found this and can start my journey within the circle of you nice persons!

Best Regards from Austria :hugs:

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