Demon of wealth and finances

I’ve been suggested to begin working with Lucifuge Rofocale. I have no information on seal and correspondences.

Any suggestions would be very appreciated


A simple Google search will provide all you need. He’s quite popular in demonology circles.

You could also use the forum’s search function.There are plenty of threads about him with info.


I meant suggested demons aside

These sentences read like you are looking for the seal and correspondences for Lucifuge Rofocale so I pointed you to where you could find them.

I don’t know what you mean by this. Aside from suggested demons…what? Your post is not clear.

If you are not looking for the seal and correspondences for Lucifuge Rofocale, then what are you looking for?


Great answer and question. It makes me wonder what he’s looking for as well…


i have found everything I needed, thanks and apologies for annoyance!

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I will receive the flagellation here, apologies for the wasteful post

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You have experience of working with demons before? I read Lucifuge Rofocale is not for beginners.



This is what I found and idk if he would be a choice for beginners cause higher ups (unless you already know them) don’t have patience and energy is too strong n heavy but remember this advice working with any demon…

Be respectful
Have courage
Speak clearly and know what you want to ask
Leave fear doubt at the door

Do this and you will Excel no matter if the Demon likes beginners or not I did not start with a beginner demon n we have a really good relationship

Good luck on your endeavors my brother @Wahnfried


You work with Lucifuge Rofocale? May I know what you asked and got delivered?

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Actually no I haven’t I belong to furfur he isn’t so pleased to let me work with any male entity at all lmao lol but I can say from what I hear he is very good at getting things done and done quickly just note this

If you call him have a paper and note book on hand if your new to evocation ( been on a hiatus hony.oon and all with furfur) you can pm me and I can walk you through some steps and some things you can try to communicate with him with


Sure, thanks for the offer.

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No problem at all I love to help

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If you want lasting wealth, and realize the true nature of money (which will allow you to manipulate) I suggest working with Bune. If you just want a quick 100 bucks or something I recommend trying something else because Bune can bring quite intense transformations.


This is about empowerment to handle my financial debt and money spending problems, wealth of course in the long term, but also rearrangement of my values towards money as well. I’d feel like a dabbler just to ask to be a millionaire- and that’s not what I’m after

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This is also about assistance in my dream : becoming self employed through my creative means, I make music.

I was just paid $400 for a record deal
And have been hired as a dj at an art gallery every month.

Anyone that knows the music world : it’s very unstable and greasy.

I need a long term partnership


Got some good personal experience replies here and maybe it will show up in search for someone else in future, who can see the useful advice, so no worries. :+1:


If you want information on Lucifuge Rofocale Google a PDF version of the Grand Grimoire.

It goes into detail about a very specific ritual which will give you exactly what you’re seeking.

Be warned though;
This is not practical for beginners or those with a weak stomach.


My message has been unclear and I apologize.

My procedures do not require evocation or summoning.

I set up a simple altar for daily sigil gazing, enn chanting, offerings and prayer.

I have done looking around and have found varied information. I was looking for experienced workers who have suggestions on what He likes.

Or, another spirit which would work for my intention, which is to bring in prosperity and opportunities to increase the paid work and customer base I have for my music / creative endeavors so I can fulfill my dream, help me grow out of irresponsible habits with finances and help me to learn to invest and save money correctly so roundabout way, I become wealthy.

I appreciate the responses though some have just seemed condescending, irrelevant, I realize it’s my tone and short explanation.

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The other I would HIGHLY suggest is Bune.

Very fast, very efficient and is extremely nice and also patient with beginners.
Just be respectful.