Demon of magick, ritual for other peopleI

Ok here’s the thing, i’ve been practicing Demon of Magick by Gordon winterfield for my own ass so far. Not while ago, this friend of mine ask me what kinda magick i’ve got into… so I give her the book to be studying.

Few days later she come back to me and said that she’s interested with the method but she’s scared that if she write the petition not correctly, that something bad might be happen to her.

And then she asked me if i could do the ritual for her. My mind simply tell that it is possible, i just arrange the petition. she had 3 main issue in her life. Her healty, her love life and her finance

First, i try to make petition to Dantalion, to make someone owe her money to pay her back. Month passed and it didnt bring any result, i write on my petition

“Mumuh (the scum who fleed her money, not want to pay her back, even he could), In Ciputat Tangerang (The city he lives now) Sell all his posesion belonging, to pay all his debt to Sadrina (My friend) three million rupiah (Indonesian, IDR. Its like 275 USD. Its lot of money if you live in my country) within 3 weeks from now (time limit)”

Yes it failed… she didnt recieve her money back. She need it for her medication, i feel useless that time… but she said she still believe in me, “Maybe we should try another method, maybe we should do this, maybe we should do that”

the question is

  1. Can I really perform ritual petition to help other people with DOM method?

  2. Which demon suit best to make someone pay you back

  3. (is not really question though) Let say it is work, the dude pay the money to may friend… who should really make an offering for the demon. My mind told me that the practicioner him/her self that should give an offering, but maybe you guys have other perspective

Thanks before
Regard, Dead