Demon of decay and rot?

I am very much drawn to necromancy and wish to know more about it. Who would be the demon related most to death and decay? I worship Lillith and Samael mainly but I have always been attracted to death. There is just something about things rotting away. Anyway, google is not very helpful.


ofcourse, the lord of flies

Thantifaxath is great for necromancy.

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Eurynomos is known as a teacher of Black Magic and Necromancy


I agree with Mr Outsider. Eurynomos

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start with Samael. The book of Armidel has a multi-part sigil for Samael to teach you the dangers and benefits of death magic. (Armidel I guess was a Catholic) but if you already work with Samael just ask him what he knows about necromancy

You can also try Marbas, Death or the Horsemen

I actually… Well… Whilst reading this the name and reply of Nyarlathotep came up

Good luck

I would’ve said the Goetic Demon Sabnock was the perfect match you’re looking for.