Demon Manifestation

How do I get a demon(s) to manifest / show themselves to me? (One of them manifested to me before a while back on it’s own to scare the living s*** out of me) I have quite a few in my house, and want to talk face to face with them instead of through a dream or a ouija board…
If anyone can teach / lead a noob to some good resources on the subject, I’d appreciate it.


To physical manifestation will require work.
Sit in front of the candle and sigil.
Look, stare, gaze, but do it naturally without effort at the sigil until lines blur, and call the spirit. Peripherally pay attention to unnecessary movement or alteration of flame and smoke.
It may manifest as an orb, or floating:


There are many ways, Fuego has already suggested one way and it will most likely help you, in addition to his suggestion, try these, Note: these methods is not something I figured out but are tips and tricks by some of the authors on here all credit goes to them:

1). Lots of incense commonly used ones are dragons blood, incense of crete or copal resin, dragon’s blood seems from my view to be a common incense when working with demons, however you’ll have to experiment on this, what works for one may not work for the other.

2). Animal blood or human blood; I think animal blood will do just fine, it’s a whole lot easier to come by, that you can spill or have in a bowl, the vapours will allow the spirit to take a more concreteform.

3). Scrying mirror (anyone will do), gaze at the sigil ask the spirit to come and take a beholdable form before you in the mirror, gaze on the mirror until it starts flashing and the envoirenment seems to go away and allow any impressions etc. to come to mind.

As for the method to contact the spirit get hold of a sigil which you will use, gaze at the sigil until it starts to either emit a light or simply seems to dissappear, once that happens put it to the side and call the spirits name.

Trouble shooting & tricks: here’s a nifty little thing if you are completely new which is completely fine; if there are no descriptions of what the spirit looks like or what its precense feels like, etc, focus on your desire (why you are contacting the spirit), while you hold your left hand over the sigil you may or may not close your eyes, for some this is easier with closed eyes - allow any impressions, voices, faces come to mind, images come to mind, do not disregard it as something you made up.
As you do the above ask the spirit questions, what does it look like, how does it hold itself, what does it voice sound like, it’s attributes & powers, etc. Usually if you are new & aren’t really good at visualizing things in my experience this happens: you’ll usually get a feeling of that it (the spirit) looks like x or feels like y, or if you are a good visualizer you may have an image flash in relation to the question, the key here is if an image flashes in your ind it’s usually just happens then it’s pretty much legit.

Important: after you have seen all you need to see thank the spirit for coming and answering your questions or services, conclude the ritual take notes of what you saw or of any insights/ revelations gained. You can now use the image you’ve gathered to help manifest the spirit more clearly, with repition and persistent practice you will find the image and the prescence of the same spirit will become a whole lot clearer.

Good resources on Evocation are E.A Koetting: books (the book of Azazel is a great place to start) & specifically The Mastering Evocation course, Asenath Mason: books in general (Qliphothic Invocations & Evocations, Draconian Ritual book, the Goetia (the lesser keys of Solomon), - all of these are great for finding spirits to work with and also for various methods of evocation. There are other books of course but the ones I’ve recomended above I have worked with along with some of the entities described in them to atleast have an idea what I am talking about. If you want to know more of the said methods I suggest finding the authors and book a consultation with them.

Good luck


If you observe you thoughts during the day, you might notice words or images that come into your mind that might relate directly to how the demon appeared originally and to the dreams you have.
Phrases, and images patterns that might show up in your mind during the day that you may be able to relate to the demon’s encounter with you.


This probably won’t be very helpful but the more I try to make it happen the more agitated I get and it doesn’t work. But when I’m not expecting it, I see them. So weather or not you’re aware of their presence, rest assure they are indeed there. It can be unsettling to see them, especially certain ones, but you get used to it.