Demon magick initiation

So I Did V.K jehannum Demon initiation through his site here :

Before starting the initiation i read “Azazel chant to awaken the Black flame that is “Natz fehr Ata Infernum Negra Approx 10 times” here is the link for the video

So after I completed the initiation ritual I didn’t felt any presence but I experienced heat near my navel area, after that a very weird feeling was manifesting inside me I don’t know how to explain it but…I felt sexually aroused…it was like I’m not the same person who I was minutes ago…I started reciting “Natz fehr Ata Infernum Negra” hundreds of times…was craving for some dark music the one I heard was this one -
After that I had a feeling to masturbate…but when I was doing it I wasn’t thinking about porn or some human…but I was thinking about spirits especially Astaroth that was making me feel aroused…this is the first time in my entire life that I was getting aroused by the thought of some spirit instead of human…

So does this experience has any meanings behind it that why I was feeling that way? Because this feeling was very strange to me.



Also I feel weak…I guess I’ll have to get used to it all :joy:

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I did read that.! And I’m feeling kind of weak after reciting that and doing the ritual. Is it normal?

Sounds like you’re still getting used to the energy increasing. Keep doing it regularly and it’ll go away.

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How many times should I do it daily?

If you’re just starting out, I would’t do it more than once.You have to adjust to a newer state than you’re used to. More is not better. If you started running, you wouldn’t start with five miles twice a day, right?

I started it with ten minutes and only felt “off” the first time, as I had done some energy working in the past. I would find where you start to get weak and increase it by a minute a day until you don’t feel weak anymore. If the symptoms increase, then you may want to consider holding it at that time until the symptoms go away.

Personally, I don’t have time to do it for the length of the video, so I can’t speak to that.

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I only did it for 3-4 minutes and started feeling weak…so I should increase 1 minute everyday to get used to it, that’s what you mean?

Do you think it was from a lack of breathe? You could try whispering it every other time. The point isn’t so much to keep up with the recording, but to go along with it. Doesn’t much matter how potent a chant is if you can’t breathe :slight_smile:

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I was actually whispering and there was no lack of breathing I can tell. I’m having a very mild headache right now and Weakness reduced.

In Raven’s original video, she talked about some of the potential side-effects and, iirc, those fit in with that.

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So should I continue or…?

Of course!

I sometimes play this in the background while at work (headphones, of course).

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Thankyou for this.! I will do the recitation and increase it by 1 minute a day. :heart::dizzy:

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hi there… congrats on your ritual. could please tell us what u exactly did: did u use candles? clothing ? experience during it (did u take notes)?

Edit: i just did the azazel black flame meditation, then i did the initation ritual since i never really initiated myself before. I feel overwhelmingly under a lot of energy. my head felt a bit heavy and filled with some weird (in a good way) energy. I feel more stronger spiritually and energetically. I actually feel a bit dizzy as if i did something physically hard and takes a lot of energy. I didn’t use candles or anything, and i feel a sudden change in my atmosphere and physical and energetic sense.

I am glad i finally did… looking forward to seeing the results, and working with each spirit separately and getting to know them personally.

be blessed


Sorry I didn’t provide the details as I was feeling very weak after doing that.
• I used 1 black candle & incense
• Performed it Naked
Experience :- While I was doing it I didn’t felt any presence but I could feel a burning and heating sensation inside my body, at first I could feel it just near my Navel Area then it started happening At various Areas of my body. After the Ritual I felt quite heavy…and a slight pain in my head…I was having these weird urges of Masturbation thinking about a spirit it felt like someone was forcing me from inside to do it…I really don’t know how to explain it was weird for me because this was the first time I ever felt like this…I felt like I was some different person, not being myself…I was having urges to keep reciting the Azazel black flame chant…I did hundred of times I guess…after awhile I felt normal…but I was feeling Weak like my whole energy was drained…I laid on bed , took a 15 minutes nap…but the weakness, pain in my head still existed…I’m feeling absolutely alright.

Also, congratulations on your initiation ritual!!! Would love to hear your further experiences. :heart::dizzy:

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thank you :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome. :grin:

I’m kinda new to witchcraft but jumped right in. Is this something you think all witches should perform if they’re following the path?

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