Demon Knowledge

Anyone knowledgeable about infernals I need to know who this could be.

I had a dream I was in a house and I was looking for my tarot cards. I heard a masculine voice speak but wasn’t able to understand. The voice was low and deep. I kneeled down and found my cards under a bed. Ironically, my cards are based on Angels. As I went to reach for them they were guided into my hand. Amazed, I got up and looked around,”Who did that?” I asked aloud. A deep voice answered,”I did.” Almost chuckled at my question. I took a few steps back and looked down the corridor of the home. A tall man didn’t look evil but was unrecognizable at the other end. I turned back and asked,”Are you a demon?” At the same amount of time it answered again, louder,”Yes.” Before I could asked what their name was I woke up and half of my body was paralyzed. My husband was still asleep beside me. After the dream I was having difficulty sleeping.

Extra Info:
This isnt the first time I’ve heard this voice, when I was a child laying in bed I slept with my door locked and lights off, I heard a board creak beside my bed and in my ear I heard a man say my name. My heart raced and I was hoping that I was safe. Nothing happened that night but I was a child so it stuck with me for a long time.

There’s always the possibility that it’s not a known spirit, but one that nevertheless may have a role to play for you.

Tbh, you don’t really got a lot to go on without reaching out to it and trying to get more info. :person_shrugging:


There are countless agents of Satan roaming the earth and other dimensions.
Regardless of whether someone uses angelic magic, protective magic. It is impossible not to meet with …
Accept it as part of a larger system.

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How should I go towards this? Would it be best to wait and see if it reaches out on their time?

Best option would be to wait. I’m definitely okay with it and if it comes back again on it’s time should I ask for it’s name?

Who knows. What the effect of working with a demonic spirit depends on you. Maybe good, maybe very bad. If he wants to cooperate with you, he will give you his name and even a sigil when you ask, otherwise he will say no or remain silent.

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Thank you for your guidance :heart: