Demon in my room?

Yesterday after doing an in depth study with the Luciferian Tarot and planning who to work some black magick on, my room began to smell like something was burning. Nothing was turned on plus i dont smoke. I know feeling heat when there is no source for it can be an indicator of a demonic presence so i was just wondering if the same can be said of smelling smoke when there is no source for it…

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Don’t know about smoke, people say rotten flesh, sulphur or bad eggs is an indication but I don’t believe that -blame Supernatural…I know that certain demons in Jewish mysticism (Dibukk) are indicated with a smell of Jasmine or sweet incense. Could be a similar thing with Goetic demons and smoke?

In my experience I have encountered different smells including burning hair. Did you have any unusual dreams following the working?

Don't know about smoke, people say rotten flesh, sulphur or bad eggs is an indication but I don't believe that -blame Supernatural
I know from personal experience that a negative entity which appeared as a dark shadow in a corner can smell like rotten eggs, which is the sulphur smell. Three of us witnessed it.

Knowing what I know now, I doubt it was an actual demon. I’m pretty sure it was a negative thought form created and/or controlled by a group of magickians. Never found out who they were in the physical world, so can’t tell you what they did.

It’s funny, but that experience actually scared my ex-wife’s nephew so bad he immediately quit using hard drugs and never touched them again. lol

I have heard smells vary or may not be present at all, but what I have heard more is that if a demon, especially a powerful one like a King, is present, the room will become very hot in temperature. And you only truly realize that its so hot when you step out of the ritual room into another section and notice the vast difference. Also the temperature change should be verifiable by a thermometer. So room getting warmer to very hot might be more a sign of a demons presence then any smells. As with if the room gets colder it might be a human spirit instead. Not sure if there are temperature changes with angels being present.

It could be a Demon or it could not, Since i was not there to see the Event i cannot Say for Sure what it was, Some Demon can Produce a Sulfur Smell but its not a General Things

Was that smell like burnt cables-rubber?Cause i smelled that also when someone had a battle with some entities in my room.

No i was more like a mix of a cigarette, cigar and incense. Thats as closely as i can describe it.

I once did an evocation of Baal at sundown on the 24th of October. The entire town smelled of sulfer and rotting garbage. It lasted several hours then was gone as quick as it came.