Demon in Human Form


I have read somewhere that demons can take form of humans and live amoungst us, and I was wondering if this was a possibility? I believe anything is possible but I would not see why a demon would want to take on changing their form to live amoungst us “roaches” or however they recognize us.

If this were a probability, how could one tell that this particular ‘person’ is a demon taking a human form?

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Through possession yes, or through reincarnation which is basically a demon in soul but reincarnated as human.


They can materialize, It happens here in Brazil in african magick


When I was coming down from shrooms in the drunk tank I seriously thought I saw Bael in human form or maybe one of his assistants, bright red skin and long blonde hair. I believe I’ve met people who have been demons in other situations as well, you never really know until you feel it.


They can incarnate as humans like many higher beings choose to. Reasons vary by the individual. In my case, I’m honouring a deal.

It’s my belief that all humans are incarnate higher beings. As such, nobody here is a ‘roach’. The Deva of roaches is also a higher being however.

You don’t need the air quotes, people are people. They’ll tell you, or maybe they won’t.