Demon in Dream

I had a dream a few hours ago where I was sitting on the grass and a demon was about to enter into some form of get together or meeting. He seemed to walk through a boulder but then came back out to me. I introduced myself. He did as well. The name started with an A or B. I cant remember the name and its bugging me because I know I’ve seen it on the forum before. But anyways, he levitated my left hand and there was a ring on it. He said that I’m basically already married to someone but that I need to take care that my self doesnt screw it.

Does anyone know who this sounds like?

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What did they look like? Can you remember?

My dreams are ffuzy. I’m wanting to say short and dark hair but that’s probably just because I was looking up Andromalius earlier. Pretty sure it wasnt him though.

The other part of me wants to say long white hair.

I know he was tall but that probably doesnt narrow things down.

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