Demon Identity

Trying to just give me the identity of a demon that has been in my life since before I was six years old. “Lord Kishumi.” Any help would be greatly appreciated…

Some depictions…

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There are more demons than there are humans so perhaps they are a lesser demon that has been assigned to you by a higher office or has taken a liking to you.

Ive had these as well. Entities will form little attachments, especially common to occultists. Its akin to a passerby fisherman giving advice to an obvious new fisherman


He said that he finds me in every life and that we were married in a past life.

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You very well may have been. Humans can transition to other species after they pass on from their Human life. Humans have become Angels, Demons, ect. after death, so you may have been married indeed. Or he may have just been an incarnate Demon.

Maybe tell us about Him? :slightly_smiling_face:

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He says that hes a dream demon. I went on my first date with him to a movie called Shutter when i was younger. My friend Amber channeled him and it was through her that we “dated.” When i was close to amber so was he but when me andher would fall out he didnt seem to care as much? We think he contacted me originally through her because he couldnt contact me himself directly.

Hello mate, will you please explain in detail what you just said? I am interested, any information you can give me or were I can find information would be appreciated…thanks.

If a spirit senses you are learning of something it is versed in, it may try to follow you around and help you. Spirits help people all the time, we just tend ti focus on the negative attachments when sharing with the the forums.

Lesser demons are sent by higher demons to help in matters no quite worth the higher demons time. For instance if you sought to work with king paimon, he may send a lower demon to work with you at first.

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