Demon identification

can anyone help me put a name to a demon. starts off the other night i was scrying into my ceiling saw the usual specs of light then dark spheres flying back and forth streaking across the ceiling next thing i know im in a dream state looking through my floor and i see a ladder wrapped in flames coming up from my basement where my temple is. then i saw what had to be a demon climbing faster then hell up it. it got to the top and stood in front of me it was about 8 feet tall i was chest height to it. it had red skin very muscular human like body black eyes and a strange ethereal red and yellow fire that burned in front of its eyes and forhead. the thing that stood out the most was he had a vertical branding of 5 symbols on his chest burnt black symbols i still cant recognize what language it was in does anyone know what kind of language is related to demons or what kind of demon it was ?

Could it be Andromalius?

Wow you guys have some huge ass balls! That would scare the living shit out of me, how do you remain calm and not panic? I don’t know if I could handle the fear.

how do you prevent things like this from happening?

You don’t. If you’re not prepared to gaze into the flames of Hell, stay at home.

no fear when your out of body. its to human. any ideas guys i swear its like i was being shown something i was face to face with its chest and those burned in letters are racking my brain i checked almost all my books and cant find that language anywhere. it looked like kind of theban mixed with enochian and hebrew.

Well, since demons can come in any form they choose for the most part, there is not enough info to work with for a positive identification. If there are any other entities you work with, you could ask them. Or you could scry specifically for its name and sigil.

Or if you can really hold its image in mind, you may be able to evoke the spirit back, using the image/feeling of it in place of a name and sigil. This last part is a long shot, but maybe worth trying.

If you think it is still hanging out, you could do the blind evocation method.