Demon House

Did anyone watch the Demon House documentary???


I think @Eye_of_Ra has.

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Yes I did. I loved it. But it’s nothing like the show.

It starts slow, with few logical twists, then a good short ending that makes sense and supports the final conclusion. I think it was well made for an independent documentary.

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The amount of people who died and suffered is just insane

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Isn’t this the one made by that clown who does Ghost Adventures? If it is, take his “facts” with a grain of salt.

I haven’t decided if I’ll watch it yet. More likely I’ll find the house he references and do my own research on it.


I was the same way. Like oh this catholic guy who calls all occult evil. But I actually really liked the documentary


More then half of the ppl who were in the film got royally fucked up and/or died. Cant fake that


Oh ya you can lol Annabel is a great example, but he already does make shit up, I’ve seen his hokey show.
And he is a basher of Pagans and the Occult. He says We are at fault for the world’s problems.

He’s a joke but I’ll look up where he got his idea from, truthful history on ghost phenomena I find very interesting.

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You can fake real peoples deaths on tv?

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There’s a movie out about the Amityville house that claims it a 100% real, “found footage” of one family being mutilated in the house.

Also look at Blair Witch crap, that was pushed as truth of real filmed death, ya I could go on about fake “snuff” films too.

Can NEVER believe films that say they are “based on true events”.

Specially when you already know the person making it is a fake.

There’s a difference between being ignorant and fake. He’s ignorant, that’s for sure. But I personally wouldn’t call his work fake or a lie just because of that.

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I go by his show which is pretty fake in a lot of ways :wink:
But this I’d have to research to see what’s typical movie hype and what’s not is all.

Amityville has a reputation for being an honest to God haunted house but facts say differently. Most people don’t do the digging and believe what’s in film.
I know sometimes what’s written can be falsified, St Patrick is a good example of that one but now a days it’s pretty easy to spot false claiming to be fact.
One thing most people don’t know is what the body does after death, did any death in that film show the body expelling anything after the person was gone? Out of curiosity. It’s just little details like this matter for fact VS fiction as well.

I just advocate being sceptical in this day and age where everyone wants to try making fake deaths as real as possible.

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Fair enough :slight_smile:

Well, honestly no one can really tell with absolute certainty if something on tv or movie screen is real or fake these days. Even with professional analysis. For me and people working in this field, we can spot fake evidence no matter how professionally it’s done, most of the time.

Some people would consider what he’s doing pure entertainment, and judge it as such. Others would look at it from an investigator’s prospective and analyse the evidence on a case by case basis. In my opinion, he was successful in attracting both.

I hope you get a chance to watch the movie. It’s really nothing like the show. But don’t expect pure scientific research or you’ll be disappointed. And if you hate his ignorance of the occult or demonic nature then you’ll only hate him more ! :grimacing:

I personally enjoyed it and watched many times, my second best movie to watch to relax and get ready to sleep, after JAWS ! :shark:

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Lol Jaws will always be awesome :metal:

I’ll try to check it out sometime, can’t make any 100% one way or the other without seeing it.
I will agree, he does well attracting both sides to his stuff, reminds me of Howard Stern lol.

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yeah lol at the giant goat demon he mentions I thought right away of Azazel or even Baphomet


actually britty44 gave me the idea to watch that I still love ghost hunting shit even though most of them have the wrong idea and almost always are catholic or some sort of skeptic atheist :ghost: