Demon Healing

I was reminded of a past experience I’ve had long ago. When I established my temple, I would notice demonic spirits who would seek refuge in my temple. Just passing through, so to speak. They were mostly lesser legions or lesser demons. They would seem to be injured in some way. At first, most of them wouldn’t speak to me, they would only lay in the room until they felt better. When they would leave, they would leave an energy that was almost like a “thank you” of sorts. Healing is one of my weakest points, when it comes to humans anyway. It seems that I have some sort of “healing” affect on demons. It could also simply be from me invoking and evoking stronger demons perhaps, and it’s simply just the stronger demon’s energy.

So, I started making my temple a healing ground for all demonic and infernal spirits. Cultivating demonic energy that made them feel comfortable and healed whatever “wounds” they seemed to have for whatever reason. I noticed a surge in activity a week after I started cultivating. Small groups would start arriving. Halloween was a crazy day for sure. Giggling, banter, and it was as if the very air itself was alive. It felt very crowded despite being a lightly furnished room with plenty of space. They left the next day and the whole room was saturated with demonic energy. I could barely sleep and I would wake up insanely energized the next day.

I was just wondering, has anyone else had similar experiences? Perhaps injured spirits seeking refuge within your temple or other areas? Have you tried healing spirits too, demonic or otherwise?


That’s pretty fucking cool not gonna lie.
As for spirits taking refuge or anything like that no not really for me ,however shadow people have a thing for me think the funniest thing to happen so far was a shadow being waving hi to me and some kind of shadow cat(like a shadow being mixed with a cat) rubbing itself against my leg and me being able to hear it audibly purr lol.

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