Demon for trading or gambling

To make a few quid/dollars pocket money I trade sporting events with a pretty decent success rate.

I have been doing this for years and have a good grasp on trading behaviour in the markets and it’s all experience and time in front of the PCs.

Anyway, with some help from an entity I’m sure that my profits could skyrocket depending on what attributes would suit this method of making money.

Asking an entity to help you win the lottery is almost impossible the odds are stacked against you in the hundreds of thousands or even millions. When gambling on sporting events things are much closer and predictions need not be so far fetched.

I have simple staking methods I could easily share with anyone, it’s the selections that we would need help with, but over time can make huge money.

I’ve read al the topics on here talking about gambling etc. Even E.A himself said he uses divination to choose stocks which has worked well.

Which demon or spirit could help with such endeavours? The usual suspects that pop up in searches are Bune, Clauneck, Belial and some others like Volak.

Do any of you guys have some insight into this or even like the idea and find it at least interesting.


This actually something I’ve been thinking about lately I would say any spirit that has influence over wisdom/money would work… actually let me look into somethin


Try Tyche/Fourtuna Greek/Roman name she’s the god of good fortune and luck


Nice one, will look now.

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The book New Avatar Power by Geof Gray-Cobb focuses almost exclusively on gambling as a meatthod of getting large and small windfalls of money, you may want to track that down - I’m not sure what its copyright status is so will ask people to not post PDFs of it, pls. :+1:


Asmodeus. One of his specialties is gambling.


Last night whilst trading/gambling on a tennis match.

I had my money on “player 1” to make things simple and the game was tied. Both players sat down to take there 1 minute break before come commencing play.

The screen went blank and came back on with “player 2” lifting the trophy.

I was like wtf is going on here, so I closed my trade on player 1 and backed player 2.

20 minutes later he won the match and went on to lift the trophy like I had already seen 20-30 minutes before.

It was cool, but no idea how or why it happened, if only Ia could recreate this daily. If that isn’t seeing the future I don’t know what it.

IT WAS A FLUKE but how can one make this happen again and again