Demon for studying

So is there any gods or any hell gods for studying?? If so, Especially maths, english and computer and hindi?? My exam is coming so i can’t do magick practice or write petitions


No demon necessary, using the ancient philosophy of effort.
You don’t get something for nothing.
Put in the work, if it really matters to you it shouldn’t be difficult.
It’s just a thing you have to do.
If not, well…maybe think of new subjects to study.


@Yui6749 Please try using the search function. There are many threads on this subject, with the names of many spirits that could be useful to you.

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From your post, it is not difficult to come to the conclusion that you are a noob. Stay away from the occult and spirits for now. Learn. Read books, Do energy work then maybe when you feel the time is right, you could go forth.

“hell Gods” LOL
You just want to jump in and make contact with spirits. I did it and regretted it big time. Don’t do anything impulsively

When you do, you will get to a point where you would have to pay big money for someone to get rid of the problems you would cause.

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The following are all demons of Goetia.

Andrealphus can help you learn and then apply a large body of knowledge.

Barbatos can help you with science, and can help you be respected by those in power and with knowledge that could help you (eg. a tutor or professor).

Astaroth can help you find simple and elegant solutions, and can grant a chaotic burst of creativity.

You do still need to sit down and study, but the demons will empower your mind and bring you people that can accelerate your path.

Best of luck with exams :books:


I guess u r right lol but thanks!

Thank u so much!

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Sorry guys, I don’t really work with the infernal realms, but all during college and grad school I worked with Athena. She is the Goddess of Wisdom and was really easy to work with. She came to me when I started school, then sort of just moved away after I graduated. I’m sure I could call her if I needed to, but I don’t really work with her anymore.


What do you regret? Do you mind telling us or privately what happened? I love the rest of the advice as to focus on developing your inner strength first and self consciousness.

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Yeah I was attacked by spirits after using some incantations posted by some members on the forum. This has happened to many people. @John_Wick faced something similar as well. He was attacked by spirits after using some incantations from here.

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How did you know you were attacked? Negative thoughts? Depressive attitude? Lack of positive vibes or weird thoughts/images?

I think I might have experienced the same things to be honest cus I didn’t dwell into the topic fully and after a while I’ve gotten in a bit of troubles but it all stopped once I gotten more self realisation, learned how to control my thoughts and vibes.

Yeah there’s a lot of risky stuff on the internet… with a good ritual it shouldn’t be an issue. Mostly it’s a mind thing though, divination can usually clear that up. Parasites are not as common as some would have you think…


@Garm @Dankquanicus

Oh no no no…It wasn’t as simple as this. The ones that attacked me were hella powerful. ANd i mean it. Many powerful gods came to fight it off. High ranking demons like King Belial wouldn’t have been able to help either. The ones that attacked me were literal hell.

I know i was attacked because I was being tortured and in extreme pain. I asked someone like what’s up and they could remote view and saw me being attacked by these spirits. It was hell.


lol. A good ritual? NOPE. A ritual couldn’t do JACK SHIT. When the most powerful Gods had to come and fight that filth off me, I couldn’t do fuck. They weren’t mere parasytes. They were fucking hell. there is another member on this forum whose Astral body is damaged as fuck because he used some of those incantations. These spirits were attacking him for a long time. They fucked up his astral body as well.


Nope…NOT a mind thing. It’s real shit.


The problem is the incantation itself. The people who posted it, it worked for them because they are more experienced and can handle themselves if attacked. Therefore they are not attacked. For the people who randomly come up and start using incantations, it becomes a problem. This is the only logical explanations as to why some entities help someone and attacks others.

And this is something I keep saying, DO NOT use random incantations. I would personally go about this whole thing by speaking to entities on using incantations. For example, if there is an incantation Lucifer or Azazel gave someone it’s cool. They are “good” entities. But if I were to use incantations some random person gave up, I would enquire with a spirit as to weather the incantation should be used by me or not.


I thought you could work with Haagenti or Uriel since they both got wisdom.

Or are you really trying to go detailed on this?

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Umm… maybe? If u don’t have problem with it

Nah, I’m just finding some goetia demons for study/wisdom
But I’m a newbie now and hearing what rpond340 said i think for now i should stay away from spirits and higher energies and learn how to like spiritually protect myself and learn more about spiritual and higher things step by step, but for now, i think lord Ganesha and devi Saraswati will be best for me! ^^’
And Vasant Panchami is here so i guess i can pray her :))

The goetic demon Balam can help with this because he evolves the way you think according to e.a.'s goetic seminar on his youtube channel, as well as my own experiences.

You don’t need to summon him btw, just begin invoking his power by vibrating his name by taking a deep breath and then as you exhale draw out his name ex: Baaaaaaalaaaaaaaammmmmm.

Try to feel the vibrations go through your whole body.

Do this over and over for a bit till you feel a change in your consciousness or for about 5 minutes.

Then command by his name and power that you are able to easily study and learn any subject you wish to from now on.

Also search “study” subliminals on youtube and just put it on repeat while you are sleeping or just in the background to help you.

Good luck :sunglasses:

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WhAt if he invoked Zenitsu?

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