Demon for selling a flat

Hi! Which demon would you suggest for selling a flat? Especially, in order to sell the property ASAP.

Many thanks in advance!

Bune would do !

You think so? She doesn’t have power like that listed in any of the books :thinking:

True, the closest I’ve come to is demon Gagarin, he can give you the best deal while selling while Bune meets with your financial needs… not exactly what your request is but I haven’t found anything as close to this! Apologies, perhaps call on bune and ask him about your situation and if he is able to help you??

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Gagarin? He is not from demons of magick by gom, is he?

The one called “ESTATE AGENT” :wink:

No he’s from ‘Lucifer and the hidden demons’ it’s about pathworking !

That’s already in process, months ago. But it’s not working so efficiently…

Try Mammon and Clauneck they are shiny and bright. Or Lucifuge Rofocale who is powerful and dark. All 3 of them work totally different and give excellent results.

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