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Why? Imagine you’re really rich suddenly, what would you do with that money?

Almost everyone wants to be rich, but then what?

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Imagine you’re really rich suddenly, what would you do with that money?

If you wanna know, give me a certain amount of money were talking about here . $1 million $1 billion ? I would be very very happy to explain :grinning:

Say you win $200 million on a freak lottery win, all yours, that’s the amount after taxes.

What’s on your to-do list?

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Buy about 2 townhouses in NYC . 10 million each at most

Start an App company with 25 million . Pay developers to build simple games and high end games like clash of clans, boom beach etc. Something highly addictive .

Start a media company with about 20 million . Make an app, website and maybe a newspaper.

Invest 30 million in silicon valley startups .

And the rest … Put it in an offshore bank .

Cool: and, what are you trying to accomplish with those things? What’s the big picture behind it?

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I want to be the richest person in history .

Also I’ll start a Facebook and Instagram 2.0 with about 20 million each .

And then what? :smiley:

Say you did this, you’re so rich you make Gates etc look like beggars - what then?

What I’m trying to find is what you want to do, to be, not what you want to have… these are very different things.

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Lol . Palaces, Castles Yachts, so much influence that world leaders will ask me before they do anything . I just want to be the man . Many even so much money i’ll become a King somewhere .

I want enough power and money to shape the world into my eyes .

That’s all about the outside… other people, all the money, all these superlatives, they feel like a shell around a man, not like the man you’re going to become.

Let’s flip the script - what if you knew, for sure and certain, your income would never, could never, surpass say $50,000 a year.

Let’s suppose for a moment you got cursed by like a confederation of the world’s biggest magicians, plus the global bankers all told you, to your face, if you go above that (adjusted for inflation over time) we will take it off you - not kill you, just take it away.

What would your life be about, then?


Damn that’s some serious questions.

I really don’t know . Maybe sex and spirits

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Lol its funny because I’m still a virgin and I can’t see or hear spirits

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Sure, I’ll drop this for now, I don’t mean to interrogate you… have some thoughts, see what comes up the next few days especially for that 2nd one, the first seems to just going into infinity, “more, more, more” but that won’t really lead anywhere useful.

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What second one ? Sex and Seeing and Hearing spirits ?

$50,000 limit one, so it’s about what you are being and doing, not so much having. :thinking:

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Got it .

If you don’t mind going back to the question . Which demon would help ? I asked Duke Dantalion to sway my principals mind and i would give him two glasses of water and 5 incenses but now the matter is in someone else’s hands. Should I ask him again or just wait to see what happens ?

Man… you are taking away my throne…

@Lady_Eva I really hope you still think I’m the biggest dufus here… I can work on my posts I promise :frowning:

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I’d say wait for it, however, dantalion might decide to leave it as it is if he thought that’s better for you… “I wanna be with my buddie” is not a good enough excuse if it’s hindering your future by making you study less and/or get in more trouble at school

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It can’t do anymore damage to me that I’ve already done to myself . I’m in my fourth year with 8 credits. And he’s on the honor roll and on track .

Wait what does that mean ?