Demon for luck

So here I am, i’ve been working with Vapula and really trying hard to get good grade on this test and I think Vapula actually helped me but I need help for getting B tomorrow I really think there are chances and I can get B but I need some demon to help me getting B any suggestions?

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He’s not a demon, but Ganesha is great for students and luck. Wishing you the best.

Thank you.


Thank you so much!

good grade depends on your study skills and memory recall. Demons can’t help you with test. they can help with memory

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I was literally not sleeping before that test just studying but that teacher is the worst you can imagine so I need luck now…

rely on your brain not luck. discipline it. train it. program it . etc… that takes time you don’t have. think about next time u need to past a test. prepare ahead of time .learn study skills etc… That’s how you get good grades. neuron connection through effort of actual work to learn/study. IT gets easier over time. Use your memory sikills and recall skills, otherwise it gets rusty.

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