Demon for getting settlement/immigration status - urgent, help please!


What demon would you recommend for getting a status approved, for example, a settlement or immigration status? Without influencing any individual or specific groups of people.

I would really appreciate your advice as it is quite urgent and I am stuck…


King Belial
King Paimon

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Honestly anyone that can aid in influencing in positions either of power or of fame. For example Belial is a king that also helps with promoting people in their business as well as in gaining promotions within their work. .
Lilith (Inanna,Astarte) is also in this area of work when it comes to promotions especially if it’s to get you into a higher rank as she deals with these types of work.
Satan is another as he is well very versatile in different areas especially one of influence and rank.
Another is Lucifer who like Satan is very versatile in different areas.
Set is the Egyptian god of foreigners (according to Egyptian myth.) He is said to protect foreigners who ask of his help.
Some others that are also good is
Asmodeous is good at helping people like you more and feel more comfortable around you. He also can help calm tensions in situations. Love and war is basically his game.
Astaroth is another.
King Paimon is said to also help with change. He has helped me get into a job and quit one that I was not fully happy in. But he is said to help travelers when people traveled the deserts.
Baal is another good one. He basically is a king of this world and can help you with these types of matters.

There is others but I can’t think of them at this time.


Hm, why do you think those two? How would you write the petition?

Belial? How would you write the petition since I do not have a specific person to influence? this is what troubles me

For myself I would simply be very specific or as specific as I can be. So who ever is involved. Though it is a broad thing, you don’t HAVE to have the names of the people, simply the parties that you know for a fact that will be involved and make it clear that “any and all obstacles that will or may come up to be cleared and destroyed.”

I wrote something similar when trying to find a school for me for nursing. At the time I didn’t have a specific school so I listed out what EXACTLY I want to have and EXACTLY what I want around it. Same with my room I’m renting. I specifically said how I want my school to be near by where I can walk or be walkable and how I want to be close to a store so I can walk and not spend more on rides and so forth.

As long as you are very specific on EXACTLY what YOU want and even the time frame you will be fine. Now how ever depending on what exactly needs to be done in order to get to that point will need to be thought through as well as the after. You want to make sure ALL your Ts are crossed and all your Is are dotted persay.

I have written and done these things for myself without a name and it worked out well so far. But remember “every detail counts” the before, the during and the after.

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Hm, this is interesting. Many occultists argue that you shouldn’t impose a time frame when calling demons. So, you think that is absolutely ok? Isn’t that in contradiction with lust for result etc.?

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Depends. There is nothing wrong with giving a respectable timeframe on important things. Like let’s say you plan on doing this next month or start the process next month. You can tell them “Hey I am planning to start this on this day. This is extremely important and I would like for it to be done as soon as possible.” Another example is a court date or a job interview. Both are set dates and may randomly pop up in a close timeframe. But yet both are do able when it comes to working with them and achieving results. The trick is not to overly think about it or over plan it.

Example when I was trying to get my other job and leave the other one, they “expedited” my ID that I needed to get my job. Even my friend didn’t know how I got mine in three days but took her son two weeks.

When it comes to emergencies of our own personal well being, time is not an issue. But that is something I was trying to brush up on. Depends on how complicated the situation, leave room for time. So I’m not saying tell them you need it tomorrow for example but because it is a pressing issue explain to them that you need it as soon as possible.

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Satan the ruler of the World and ruler of the Qliphoth. Works fast and powerfully.


Which book is it?

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The EA Satan Compendium but there are lots of other workings

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