Demon for fidelity insurance

Again, I’m in a particular situation and I will need the assistance of our demonic friends.
I’m becoming good at getting girls using magick.
Few month ago, I particulary got on evoking Ladilok , and working each days with the mantram “Itz rachu mantantu” to make her crazier and crazier about me. It worked perfectly, nothing to complain about.

The problem is: I would like to keep her, I quite like her.
But this girl is particulary fragile, and in a way Bipolar. When I met her, she was with someone, she cheated him with me. Then she met another man, engage a relationship with him, but couldn’t live without me, so she cheated him with me again…

Now she absolutly wants to be with me and no one else. But , for obvious reason, I can’t really trust someone with her attitude, even if her attitude was dictacted by my magick. That’s quite ironic.

So as magick started the situation, I gues magick could continue to serve the situation. Is there a demon that could be a kind of fidelity insurance, prevent her to cheat ? If it’s doable, let’s try.

Seems like her emotional fragility and bipolar might be the cause of her cheating, so those are what you need to work on IMO.

Or have an open marriage, which could solve a lot of problems? It’s not cheating if you both know about it and both know she’ll be coming back home to you.


Thought about
And as a Black Magician it would be practical in a way. But she wants to try the fidelity thing.
I’m sure I can, I’m the master of myself, but I just dont trust her enought for that

[quote=“Narcissus, post:3, topic:5325”]Thought about
And as a Black Magician it would be practical in a way. But she wants to try the fidelity thing.
I’m sure I can, I’m the master of myself, but I just dont trust her enought for that[/quote]

I realize you like her, but in most cases, magick or not, anyone with a strong propensity for cheating, especially when coupled with bipolar disorder, is very likely to cause you problems in the future.

Why use magick to try and correct a problem when you can just avoid it in the first place? I am sure there are plenty of girls out there who would be a suitable replacement, while being more faithful by nature.

Trust me, I understand that women can skew our judgment, but being educated about her particular disorder, and knowing her history of unfaithfulness, I see an uphill battle for you should you decide to try and stick it out.

When it comes to relationships, I have found it best to avoid problems when possible, rather than walking right into them and then trying to bulldoze your way through them. Still, I haven’t always followed this advice, so easier said than done. Regardless, if you do decide to stick around, magick would probably be a great band-aide solution, but long-term, if you want her to be faithful to you completely of her own volition, then getting her counseling, in combination with medication, would be a great idea. This would help her deal with the root of the problem, while preventing her illness from interfering with her judgment.

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Well if you really like her, and want to fight - i’d say fight of course.

But then again i personally would get too pissed about the cheating that happened… but i can see you are more able to stand it.

Hmm, if no one comes up with perfect demon or OTHER entity to work out this - maybe just read list of demons and their sigils,descriptions and see which ones call you the most - and do a divination of some sort on which one of those few to pick ?

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I think you should have a long chat with Paimon about what can be done in this situation. I think what you’re talking about is more about the decisions this girl makes, rather than her feelings per se, so Paimon seems like the spirit to go to.

I agree with some of the other posters that it sounds like you’ll have an uphill battle with quite a lot of work (I imagine you’ll find yourself having to cure her of her mental illness at some point), but on the other hand, it does sound like an interesting project.

Well to be exact, she haven’t by qualified as a bipolar by any doctor.
She made the diagnostic alone, as being a personn that has a kind of “need for affection” . But as far as I know she doesn’t have the “aggressive” side of bipolars.

Honnestly my first plan was to convince her to keep a kind of “open relationship”. This way, the problem of cheating will not be one (exept if this happen in some particular circles, like family). And one the other way, it will allow me to do the same thing, I could keep my feelings for her, and have a good time with others. Everybody wins

The problem is that she is know in a state where she doesn’t want us to do that, and talks about “straight relations”. As she is not a satanist, we don’t have the same vision of what relationships can be. Maybe another idea could be to “convert” her with times, to this idea.

I would strongly counsel avoiding an open relationship as long as you can describe her as emotionally fragile. In my experience, being in an open relationship, especially the first time, and especially for someone used to cheating, can be an order of magnitude more stressful than a monogamous relationship. There is some fairly deep biological programming about ownership of a mate that needs to be bypassed and replaced, and it takes a fair amount of emotional strength and maturity to do it. People accustomed to cheating seem to have even more of a problem with this, perhaps because cheating is usually less about more sex and more about the thrill of “getting away with it” and exerting power in the relationship through breaking implicit or explicit agreements.

I think that, unless you enjoy drama fests, you should focus on building her up emotionally, getting her to a stable state, before you even consider opening your relationship. Regardless, though, I hope you post updates here - I’m genuinely intrigued to see how this works out.


I don’t understand open relationships… i mean especially if you see the cheating as problem, but you are okay with open relationships? isn’t it all the fucking same then, if you are not jealous of her?

Sorry, this is probably my personal opinions pushing through too much again… Maybe there is some points to an open relationship i’m just not willing to admit them.

So… Basically she has hard time not cheating, but won’t agree with open relationship either if you would… Hmm yeah, maybe discuss it with the demon of your choice.

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Well here is the story.
That girl lives 1000 km from my homes
I magicly worked on her, and she goes crazy about me. She cheated her to previous boyfriends with me, telling me that she loved me.
I enjoyed the situation, we were great, we had a lot of things in common
As she left the previous one, the crazyness goes deeper. She wants to move in my town, take an appartment and a job there, and be with me and have a “normal relationship”.

The thing is “normal relationship” looks hard to me with someone who already cheated two personn (yeah I know, probably and even for sure, with the assistance of my magick). And it also mean a beginning, and an end.
I would prefer to keep her as a “perfect lover”. The open relationship was cool to me, to avoid all the broke up, couple crisis,routine and so one (I will not lose her that way)

How can you not trust her? She only got with you because of magic so unless another guy pulls magic into her you have no reason to believe she will be unfaithful


Did you ever put the hot dog in the bun so to speak? Like have you ever met her in person? What was the cheat that occurred? Curious.

I can’t believe you made her cheat and you’re actually blaming her for it. You created this whole drama and you want to make her pay for your lack of self control?

Maybe don’t get with other people’s dates in future, then you wouldn’t have to tie yourself up in knots with doubt. I think you ruined this one, and you should move on.