Demon for fame/ wealth

Is there a demon that will help be improve my acting and help me become famous? I am not expecting a demon to land a big role in my lap. More like a acting coach. Help me improve my skills and aid me. Help me make the right decisions.

Have you tried doing a search? There are many threads about spirits for fame.

A Venusian spirit for acting /performing arts ARTISTRY. Paimon maybe if you are doing something musical. Azazel has been mentioned for fame. Solar spirits for charisma, Och the Olympic Spirit is very good at this, though I don’t know if the Olympic Spirits mesh with demons. Water element spirits may help to give you emotional depth.


Be very sure you want fame? What does it really give you apart from nuisance over time?

I agree fame sucks and protects you from nothing as we see now. But places you in front to get all the risks. But some people were born to be able to handle it. It is what it is.

Fame doesn’t necessarily suck: some people like it but usually only for a limited period of time. Risks are subjective as is the ability to tolerate it.

You could invoke any mercurial spirit as well to help you transgress your mind’s work into play which serves a role for specific acting methods, each time you require another acting method or persona, you can freely access whatever role you feel fit to be in, these spirits can very much help quite rapidly to alter perception with sharp results.

Well go to improve.
Study film and literature well.

You need to know business otherwise you will be handled.

Select people in the film and emulate them.
Read books on the subjects and hrs a week on it. Go for a daily practice of some kind.

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The Demon Mammon.