Demon for crowds

What demon do u think is good for drawing large crowds of people to a night club?

Do you own the nightclub?Or do you simply wanna meet a lot of new people,and so bring them all to a nightclub on the same night as you?

The reason I mention this,is because depending on what situation you are in,different demons may help.If you own the nightclub,for example,it is approached from a more business oriented perspective,so King Belial is the best,for example.

But yeah,this is a more ambitious goal,and I am unsure of how one is to approach that kind of thing.

Belial could do that with his own twists if you know how to work with him. Also Volac could do that.

I just want to draw people when ever I dj. I thought either Belial or Paimon. Belial and Paimon are both associated with the sun. Would I need a sun demon or Mercury spirit?

Belial has been calling me for awhile. Maybe that’s why. Has anyone ever thought of making a sigil with chaos magick and using a demon to aid with the operation to make it more powerful?

Belials Seal is a Sigil. Runes are Sigils. I utilize both all the time togethor. Yes you can do whatever your imagination can be put to

Your Imagination is the spirit showing you they way they want it done.

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From my experience what Belial does is he intensifies the emotions as he causes full release of them. When grounded my physical overall strength and speed increase and anything I do is more automatic due to his energetic association. He seems to be good for more than just communication as he really grounds me into this reality and improves my health. He is by far my favorite for this reason alone.

Paimon is used more for mind control purposes. I could see him in a human setting as being a more intellectual type. Belial is more a crowds type of demon where he isnt nust about business. His nature “might” come off as cokd but that is because he is good at mastering emotions and so can do crowd controlling. I think relating to this hou should look into the fact there is a reason he is favored as a political demon its because in politics politicians benefit from emotional crowds. Every time ive called him around people have been way more expressive.

Clauneck likes to help people with their businesses, and Amaymon seems interested in this kind of thing, also with helping keep undesirable people out.

Lae’ti’kohl has been, and still is, a great help in attracting clients and customers to my small business. My advertising budget is close to non-existent, but my web presence is strong, and word of mouth is working very well.