Demon Emperor & His Requests

Hello all,

Well, I have an interesting and new experience. A few days ago a very high Demon Emperor asked me to accept his offering.

He offered wealth, prosperity, etc.

I was shocked because I didn’t expect this and he is still waiting for an answer because I keep postponing the conversation.

I asked him why he chose to give me all this and he said… That he wants to appreciate me since I am his wife and the mother of our spirit children.

He has always showed fast results when it comes to provide for me… But this time he wants no offering.

I asked if this was a test and he said it wasn’t. He also was very upset that I think it is.

Has anyone experienced this?

Any advice would be appreciated.

:crystal_ball: Thanks for your time. :crystal_ball:

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Hmmm…he should understand that you’re not exactly used to be wooed by a spirit. Being in a spiritual marriage myself, I think you need to confront him with all your doubts and questions (maybe confront isn’t the right word, it doesn’t have to be a fight - just an open discussion). Then see how he reacts. Is he defensive, or trying to deflect your questions, does he act with a ”how dare you, don’t you trust me“ kind of indignation? This would indicate he isn’t upfront about his intentions. Wanting to provide for you is all well and good, but it should not be a problem to discuss your relationship in a straightforward way.

What does your gut feeling tell you? Are you a person who feels that you’re incomplete without a partner? This could be an attractive trait for an impostor. I am not saying you’re dealing with one. But, as I have written before when it comes to these things, if you’re honest and straightforward then so should be your partner, spiritual or human.

Edit to add: He said you’re his wife and you have children with him, which begs the question: can he somehow show you proof of this (in a way you understand)? Any spirit could say they’re your husband, or you’re their ”Queen“ or something. That may very well be, but maybe you could ask him to somehow show you the nature of your relationship in a way you can understand. I was surprised to find out about certain things, but my spirit husband never sprang something on me and expected me to embrace it just like that, no questions asked. I could always voice any concern I had and while not generally being told what I wanted to hear (flattery isn’t His thing), I was met with blunt honesty and ample confirmation of the kind of relationship we have.


Tarot it, 3 minimum and see what aligns and what differs from each reading.

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:crystal_ball: Thank you for your response. :crystal_ball:

Yes, I have confronted him and expressed my doubts. He seems very understanding though, I can tell it bothers him.

I have always wondered if what he claims is true about our children, etc and he has provided answers both visually and verbally. He was also the one who introduced me to Lilith, etc.

I trust him and he knows how independent I am but he seems like he wants to help in every way possible.

I told him I don’t want it to take a toll on him… But he just smiles and says that I shouldn’t worry and that he has the means to do it for me.

*He is sweet and kind, but I just don’t want it to be too much… **

Though, doesn’t it make me a hypocrite if I would do the same for him?

Thanks for your suggestion…


I know of two other people on here and myself who are also in romantic relationships with famously well-known demons. My situation is also very early stage.

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Take your time, and divination might bring some clarity as well. Any relationship should always be allowed to grow organically and without pressure, so if you’re ever uncomfortable, tell him immediately. He will be patient and understanding if he really is who he says he is.


:crystal_ball: I will, thank you for the help. :crystal_ball:

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I’m in a spiritual marriage too. Not with a demon though.
Especially in the beginning it was sometimes hard for me to understand everything, what this is all really about and what he is trying to tell me.

This is good advice, I always asked for a proof/sign which I can easily understand without a doubt. And I always got that. He was never upset or impatient. (Though I’m sure he must have rolled his eyes sometimes when I was super slow.)

A spiritual marriage is different than a human relationship. I feel much more independent and understood, although it is also work, of course. It has a meaning, a purpose, which may be different for everyone.

Ikr…they don’t seem to understand that concept. :sweat_smile:


Have you had a similar experience as mine?..

I didnt realize spiritual marriages are so common :sweat_smile:

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They quite are… If you search around most people are in one. Others share a specific entity, others stay monogamous.

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Its not something I talk about because in a lot of like-minded communities that sort of thing is taboo…as a matter of fact this might be the first time I’ve admitted I am in one on this forum lol.


Well, it’s the person’s choice. I just post my experiences because I know it can help someone out there.

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Back on topic, I’ve experienced similar stuff. While with most people the demons expect an offering for help, if they really like or love you they can go out of their way to help you. This is true outside of marriage too when you befriend them. Im pretty sure my lover got me out of a nasty situation a long time ago, but she never said or expected anything. It wasnt until awhile later I realized how odd it was that all these coincidences happened to get me the fuck out of dodge.

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My current relationship is physical with someone from my true self life, but we’re both reincarnated with an entity around us who we both were with in that same life lol. However, while I avoid her, he befriended her :joy: so that’s something.


That’s very interesting… Did they give you anything financial in nature and told you that you didn’t have to give an offering?

True self life? Care to extrapolate what you mean?

What your soul is despite all the past lives, the form and life your soul is and defines itself as. Be it human, angel, demon, fae, yokai, etc. that life that left a strong impression on the soul to a point it’s your true self behind the vessel.

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Well I had gotten in a gnarly fight with this dude that lived in my same apartment complex. Afterwards, things were sour…a bunch of shit happened between his friends and mine and guns were involved (it was a ghetto area). It seemed like it was gonna get really nasty but next thing you know, they are getting kicked out and I found a better place to move into. A bunch of strange coincidences happened in a very short period of time to make this happen.

I dont care to worry about it too much but I just had a feeling it was her. She never said anything about it one way or the other.

Problem is she is very tough love with me…she sees me as an equal unlike some of what Ive seen in these relationships and would rather see me do the work myself instead of being a form of sugar momma lol. Not just financially, its full circle with this spiritual path I walk and such.

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