Demon doesn't want to help me

I have been practicing magic for a little long now but I don’t see any results I’m trying to change very hard but I still get a lot of shit coming to bring me down too many temptations , disappointment,troubles and many more bad things .
I have practised and apply many new behavior but nothing works .

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Well,I can only give advice from my own experience. For me it took a couple of years until I contacted the spirits. I think being a child helped due to the fact that I 100% believed in everything and that energy connected me. I also dedicated most of my time to the craft and to honouring the spirits.
also think the answer to success not necessary is found in books, they are great for many things, but I have never had to follow rituals to get a result. I firmly believe we have the ability in us and that training this ability is the key to success. Confidence, persistence, patience, dedication and a whole lot of paying your respects to the spirits, or your chose entity, should be good advice. Also, what I always say - work on yourself ! Keep a diary, write down your goals, what stands int heir way, and then what does it take to fix the problems. Learn to control your mind and emotions, be strong ! Good luck.


@Babona9 Which demon isn’t working with you? Have you given it enough time to work? Was your petition worded in such a way that it limited how the demon could work on giving you the results you want ( like a lot of specifics about how it can do what you want, the more specific you are, the more you limit and hinder the spirit ) or was your petition not worded in present-tense or as if it’s already happened? Did you give the license to depart properly? Are you sure you aren’t lusting for results? So much to consider. Generally, the Goetics come readily and deliver what you want, even going that extra mile for you because they want you to evoke them again ( they like being here in our world and experiencing it thru you ). Remember to look for subtle signs, the occult can often work in such a subtle way that it may take a bit to realize it did deliver the desired results. Hope this helps

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