Demon Demon, who is a Demon?

From my earliest days in life i have considered All humans to be Demons, basically due to the use of the greek word for “Spirit” Daemon. All in all the dif between Angels and Demons for me has been pretty specious and thin at the best. Frankly I have never been ‘happily impressed’ by the “Angels” with whom i have had contact in my life- they were just as asshole as most of the demons I have dealt with, if not worse in the longterm, definetly did not give a flying shit aboout ME, or what is best for me; Demons however- except for afew fukt up bully rogues- [also found in the land of ‘pious holier than thous" and unreligous humans] have always begun our visits as "people who just want to have some pleasant sharing time and’unselfish givingness?’— until a would be “Righteous Warrior” decides to draw the lines and let them know just how intractible my christian awesomeness is. Things have been so Revealing and Enlightening and Empowering in the past few months, that i am now working on “Answers to questions”— both of which would be heresy of heresies in my Right hand Life.
Since I have made contact with Abigor Eligos- a ‘concept’ whiich has been banging in my head for decades is now grabbing my attn like a constrictor wrapped around my mind.
Alot of people are indocrinated with the ‘before we were born we lived with god [s] as his kids, and were “good and pure and shit”. of course it is a load, but its tenticles are often foound everywhere even after a good cleansing.
Well, i am now dealing with lets call “the first page of a tome about me” which very early on establishes "before beginning this life, and likely several others over the last 2-300 years , i was a Demon- or I am now a Demon, always have been, which is why in nearly all “Righteous Right Hand, thou shalt become what the divine Cookie Cutter slams upon you” ends up with me rocketing to the top of Organisations Orders holy person maker machine- only to see the Real lying bullshit corrupting rotting ses, and after kicking some legs oout from under the table, leave as "A Serious Threat to the [ ] " "I have always been proud to be called “An Apostate” even though I should recoil and run from such a thing. BTW, did you know the word for Apostate comes from a greek word meaning “Runaway Slave” ? cannot wait to get that tee shirt made!
Contrary to popular belief, Demon v. Angel has near nothing to do wiith Good v. Bad. it is heavily marketed that way, but is grossly inaccurate. Angels would be happy if humans either did not exist- or were turned into mindless preprogrammed autommotons to do Their Will using some tyrant ‘gods’ name. Demons on the other hand, They love humans for the most part; like Special Forces, liberating the Captives; assisting to unlock thier already inherant Deity Force and Genetics [spititually and physically] .
I am also convinced that through one life to another we may switch from an Angelic’ portal assignment to a Demonic, like one class level to another learning all the way. no real heaven or hell, other than they are just training grounds to prepare for another spin on the pale blue dot and its critters.
What sucks, there are some in my family I cannot discuss this with, o the shitstorm which woould never end if I did- I would fare better saying I am gay or some shit. but there are afew i have broken ground with on this and it is going quite well.
Also, Evidently, according to Abigor Eligos- i am not just a demon but specifically a “War Demon” which past life and latent characteristics being supressed ahs been the cause of no end of Hell for me and others.

Having said all this. i have barely laid my eyes on the ‘first page of said book’, and though this is going to occupy massive amounts of my Workings for the foreseeable future; if there is anyone out there who can make sense of this, and have any more data, reads, things to study for Data collection they could send me I would greatly appreciate any hints helps whatever could be sent my way. Feel free to send it to my message here, or to my email
[email protected] , or my Facebook as I am there too much.

Thanks for putting up with this.

Frater Dark Matter

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