Demon dedication worked or failed?

So I just wanted to ask, what should i do if the demon i dedicated myself to never manifests or i dont even FEEL their presence? Does this mean the rite was done wrong? Because I have tried to Invoke Azazel and the only time i felt his presence was the day i dedicated myself to him. Did i do the ritual wrong or am i not worthy to work with him?

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It’s more likely that your senses simply aren’t developed enough.

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My senses are not developed enough for me to hear or sense them, with the exception of once, either. For now I just look for signs. You go about your day and pay attention to things that resonate with what you spoke to them about. It may be something you read, see, hear, feel, or even taste. Pay attention to what is around you. I hope this helps.

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if you’re dedicated to Azazel,
Conjure him up and ask him.

If you don’t get a response,
ask how you can get a better perception towards him,
and how to increase your psychic vision and understanding.

Those will help you.

sit in front of a candle,
which is sitting on top of Azazels sigil,
while you do that,
and either stare (gaze),
the flame,
or even try breathing that candle’s light though your third eye,
while trying to conjure him.

Have pen and paper ready,
incase he answers and you do get your instructions.



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