Demon Deception?

So I have a maybe sensitive question. I understand that a lot of people on this forum work with demons and that’s totally cool and I don’t really care about whatever entity people choose to work with. However one thing that kind of bothers me is that aren’t demons supposed to be really deceptive? Like tricking you into befriending them for their own gain and they’ll betray you? I know many peoples experience would say otherwise, but how would you know if they were tricking you if they were masters of deception? Could someone help me understand?

It would be important to understand WHY they would deceive you.

Would it be because they just feel like being mean? Are they simply creatures of pure hate and destruction? Are they linked to a 2000 year old religion that says they exist to oppose all things of a god, Yahweh?

If you think about it this way… existing purely to cause harm is a rather limited way to be. Thoughtforms are like that, and maybe some demons are like that. But they see and know more than we do, being not on Earth. There’s more to life than just dicking around some humans for sadistic enjoyment.

Be safe and all that, but there’s a lot of paranoia in religions and we forget that even if they shaped our current cultures and countries modern religions are still young in the grand scheme of things. Religions aim to control. Demons are an escape from religions so they are painted as beings that will cause you to fall and go to hell. Fall from what? Your current life? A non-magic life isn’t all that special anyways.


Demon comes from daimon. Meaning roughly god or godlike or powerful. I think alot of people confuse Djinn and demons. Demons most of the time will not trick you. Djinn will.


Yes, demons are deceptive. So are angels.

Why? Because they each have have their own agendas just as we do when we call upon them. They work with us in so far as it furthers this agenda, and they may act against our work if we act against theirs.

Never go into spirit work thinking all demons or angels are on your side because they are not, and believing so will let them take advantage of you. You can see it happen with some of the people here on the forum. Understand that as you are using them, they are also using you. Once you know this, you can have a fruitful partnership.


There’s no one more deceptive than a human being , if you managed having them around then you’ll be fine with demons :wink:


I have never had a demon intentionally deceive me or being any harm whatsoever. They have brought me nothing but knowledge, prosperity, and awareness to act upon my true will. I have seen the deceptive nature of “god” though. If demons appear deceptive, I would think it is because the practitioner is refusing to face harsh truths about their own nature.


According to the Abrahamic view, definitely. But from what I have experienced, I can confirm what @Deidra_J_Nay said.


Even tho they are said to be I’ve never really seen it…they always treat me well as do I

What @DarkestKnight said. Like humans, all entities, demons included, have the capacity for deception. However, it’s not guaranteed that it will happen. It really depends on the agenda and what they want from that person.

But yeah, if you believe every single spirit is on your side and can do you no wrong, then you are just begging to be betrayed. Not every spirit has humanity’s wellbeing in mind.

Yes they can me, they have their own agendas and some/many really aren’t fans of people but love the attention they from them so they give nuggets but in the long run want to keep people from reaching next levels.

Demons are only " friends" from the infernal realm.


Demons only lie for good reason. It’s really subjective why- usually for me it’s just because I’m not ready for the level of information that I’m asking for or to test my rationality. I have never been lied to by the daemonic divine explicitly for the purpose of being put into danger, once again, they are divine beings who have much better things to be doing than tricking some poor practitioners unless they are genuinely that stupid and aren’t taking these divine concepts seriously.

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