Demon companion for divination

Have any of you ever made use of a demon to improve your Tarot reading? Or something of that sort?

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Do you mean specifically a demon of divination, like Vassago, or just any demon?

S. Connolly has a chapbook on Amazon called “Drawing Down Belial” that is about divining with the great King.


It was a vague question.


HOW would you possibly go about doing this?

Surely more than just a prayer to the spirit beforehand?

Well, according to S. Connolly in the book I mentioned, there are a some basic things to do prior to using your divination tools.

Relax, and meditate. Drink a tea made from herbs said to help with divination or apply an oleum or tincture to the Ajna.

Invoke the demon, either through chanting its enn, or your own personal invocation to channel the energy of the demon you choose.

Shuffle the cards, while keeping your question in mind, and then use the energies you invoked to help interpret them.

Or you can do a full channeling of the demon, allowing the spirit to merge with you, and then interpret the cards.


I love demonolatry so far, it’s just so simple…

Thanks @DarkestKnight

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I couldn’t do divination until I got married to Satan (him living in my body like a genie). Now I can’t not do divination. But not complaining.


After making several times the ceremony of Astaroth, I noticed that my divination skills and also intuition were improved. I didn’t summon her right before the divination. S. Connoly also points the Lady Astaroth as a Demoness of Divination.


You just connect to Astaroth and it has helped you?

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Yes, I made an usual ritual and asked Astaroth to help me with the divination. The result become visible after some time (around 1 month) passed.

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Belial has helped me to improve my tarot readings (I have been every time more focused with his help)
I have asked him to help me with astrology readings as well, and clients have been most satisfied


Very cool!

Does he pop out if someone rubs you :thinking:

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