Demigods live on the Moon Nagas Under Earth

I was researching some stuff found that the Moon was home to the demigods which are many not like the other planets and sacrifices are given to them and I found out the

Reptilian Aliens in Hindu live under earth in huge cities with jews tha make light liek the sun and these spirits are in all pleasure and no spiritual stull they have no suffering there they are the Nagas.

there is a story about these Nagas living under on of our biggest caves in my ocuntry which I will visit they abduct and teach people sciences they are great teachers.

Demigods on the moon…?

yup :hugs:

Where did this information come from?

I must search in my history downloaded this I was staerting to research how they live on the moon

Yeah that’s complete bullshit, but good luck with whatever it is your planning.


gonna wait to see what some others say about this one. very interesting…

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I don’t think the term “higher planets” is meant to be taken at face value.

They also eat humans, if I recall correctly.