Delta State Practices

Does anyone know of any good practices specifically designed to drop people into Delta brainwave states?

I’ve heard mentions of this elsewhere, but I can’t afford the specific course where it is taught.

Apparently, there is great magick to be had in this state, and as I am figuring out the really powerful, foundational practices of magick, I’d like to add this to my repertoire in order to aid my evocation.

I’m just throwing this out there if anyone has a lead they can offer.

Thank you


Delta brainwaves states are just sleep or sleep-like meditation where you cannot function, so are you asking how to make people go to sleep.

These are the brainwave states as followed.

  1. Alpha Brainwaves - This is a individuals brainwaves during tasks like problem solving, hard mathematical equations.

  2. Beta Brainwaves - These are the brainwaves we are normally on most of the time our average mind process so to speak.

  3. Theta Gamma sync - The Place between Beta and Delta, sleep and awake which trigger huge influxes of brainwaves that spike beyond the Alpha brainwaves.

  4. Delta - The brainwave our brain enters during sleep to take care of the body for the next day and to release the chemical DMT.


That’s not exactly true. I recall that another magician used delta brainwaves to help him evoke, and he was able to physically manifest a spirit relatively easily.

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Do you mind sharing that link ?

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@C.Kendall @Epsilon_The_Imperial Well, Oneiromancy is a thing. Not sure if it’s related and it really doesn’t feel like normal sleep, but it’s more than possible to cast powerful magick in a completely lucid dream state.


Yeah cast spells and do certain magickal acts, but making contact with that spirit here first i believe is a big must, you basically have to be asleep to perform magick, which is limiting yourself and i say limitation is the cancer of spiritual growth.

Use the theta gamma sync, you can use that no matter where you are or what you’re doing, plus in delta we can’t tap into core abilities in our mind that we need for evocation and stuff at that level.


I wouldn’t use it as my only means of contact either. That could be very limiting. Dreamwork can be useful though in certain cases. Not necessarily as just a means of communication but also as a way to create manifestation.


“”"""In training for my brainwave states, I found that I was naturally going through a lot of energetic configurations without actually doing energy work. I figured that I would play around and decide to evoke simply by calling up some entity, no sigil, just a name. After about 10 seconds of focusing on a name, I began visualizing how I thought the entity would look. I thought I would be spending at least 5 minutes constructing this entity, and yet in less than 5 seconds this entity (the Goetic Bune) started coming into focus by herself.

The most bizarre thing about it all was how calm this whole process was. Rather than feeling all chaotic and energetically hyped up, this evocation was rather smooth, even though there was a palpable energetic “air” to it all. However, I didn’t have to struggle to maintain anything, my body was in equilibrium… I felt normal, even though I was in an altered state. Once Bune touched me, the sensations were very pronounced and very tangible, yet the act of evoking her was rather simple and calm.

So in terms of the rapture, I would say that perhaps it’s not something to be sought at all. Rather, the goal might be to master your brainwave states to a point where the state that the rapture goes to can be reached without all the rapture theatrics. However, folks gotta be patient and not be so thirsty to call on entities when they can’t even enter the basic state for evocation."""""

I’m just throwing this out there @C.Kendall @TheStorm


Well the rapture state is a must for physical evocation and possession, even the Haitans in voudon perform dance as a trance to enter the rapture state, its the state where the spiritual merges with all physical senses and then you bodily functions are not under your control, instead the spirits influence you.

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As far as I know, all I want is to push evocation to the point where I don’t have to spend too much time during the act itself to reach physical manifestation.

As far as training or how to get there, I’m not sure. I’m throwing out these ideas because I know that I don’t know if there are foundational practices if I’m overlooking.


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It doesn’t take long, just enter the TGS, then allow that to increase then that’ll take you to the rapture, in that state when you are in the middle of calling a spirit it’ll become the crossroad state, also known as jacobs ladder.

Then structure a body in a manifestation base, then it’ll become a full physical evocation.

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Thank you.

I can’t use smoke. Do you have a suggested alternative?

How long did it take for you to get this down when you first started?

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Not long at all really, don’t know the specific time, you can use incense smoke, or Darkness, or the manifestation elixir, which creates a energetic vapor.

You can also boil water and use the steam from that.


He say that delta producess DMT so yes then you will most likely see spirits right? :slight_smile:

I do.

From your formulation,
i assume you mean _: “On Target”.

Focus your Vision at the forehead, slightly pulling down towards the nose of whom you’re looking at.

This both works in direct personal contact, aswell as on Pictures / Imagined person.

Gaze through the head of the Person you’re looking at,
towards the Agnja and Zeal Chakra (pineal gland, and docking point between skull and spine.)

Envision a misty Energy, like a cloud, entering the head of whom you’re setting into Delta (trance) state.
The Mist should ideally feel slightly physical,
as if you were creating it out of your vision,
and actually having it form into the person.

The ideal frequency for it,
is long - slow -slow - long.

“Dong! dong… dong… Dongk!”
kind of like that.

-basically imitading Trance Drumming. :wink:

While you enter that mist into the Head of the Target,
make it stably pull down into his nose, and through the Agnja and Zeal Chakra.

Ideally, you want to have the Mist gathering behind his body,
at the beginning of the spine.
While the person breathes, it should absorb a little bit of the mist into the breath.

It will then,
natrually draw the extra mist gathered behind the person,
down towards the belly area.

This will confirm to you,
that the Target is dropping down into Trance / Delta State.

At that point,
your Target basically is Hypnotized.
A mindless Ghoul.
It can be programmed and commanded like any lesser Spirit,
however, all programs given in that state,
should credit that the active conscious mind state needs to be interrupted,
in order of triggering a given command into execution.

So any Command,
that is time-delayed and should be executed during the regular day function of the Target’s consciousness,
should include an activation switch,
which closes regular perception and allows the Subconcious to take over the Body.

In case, you actually want to use the Delta State for yourself,
and learn to trigger it in your body,
the general movements keep the same,

_BUT!!! - You don’t want to use any mist / cloud on yourself!!! _

That part, is for Supressing the Conciousness of the Target, and should never be performed on yourself. Since it’ll create Blockages in your mind, and malefunction between concious and subconcious.

For your self, to drop Conciousness, and activate Delta,
It’s actually even Simpler.

Focus the Energy to cycle between your Agnja Chakra (pineal Gland), and your Sacral Chakra.
Try to absorb as much attention and awareness into your belly,
as you can,
without dropping unconcious.
When you’re close to falling asleep,
simply focus on your Heart Beat and Solar Plexus Chakra.

The Natrual Heart Beat will synchronize yourself with the necessary low frequencies,
regardless of where you’re at.

The Solar Plexus Chakra, as focus point,
will anchor your awareness to your subtle bodies (astral body, kava, etc.)

It’ll also strengthen the Trance State,
and allow you to act / operate completely “mindless”.

We’ve all heard E.A. speak a couple of times about “droping mind”.

well, this here, is the Explenation,
of how to do that.
and controlled.




Why don’t you also try putting some binaural beats or solfeggio background music? Or play with tibetan bowls. I find that it helps me get into “the waves mood” easier. :blush:

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