Deliveries for international Orders

Hi everyone, I have recently ordered a Circle of Solomon for my rituals. I live in the UK, has anyone else ordered any products from BALG from here in the UK? If so how long did it take to receive your items?

My 14 days is now up and still no package, just want to see if anyone else ordered from outside the US to see what realistic time scales for delivery are. Will wait a few more days before chasing the order, but if anyone else has any experience from the UK, I would appreciate your experience.

Thanks - Scorpia

Hi,i usually buy from tere,ir depend o shiping holidayz,eitber,tere,or here,i will say,15-21, days,at last,be patiently.

Thanks, I’ll give it a bit longer. I am sure it’s just a delay somewhere, just damn keen to get it and start making use of it - it looks fantastic. :slight_smile:

I tnk i figure out ya problem.Monday,9/1. Was a holiday,in usa.uf ya place in in Thursday, should be order,in the 4-6. So 21 days is a fair time,even if ya pay xpress must be hold in border,to see wat is in .ya knw the terrorist law, it shitsould be soon.count from ,9/6, to 26-29. Be patient,

Usually I’ve received stuff within 7-14 days and I’m in the UK.

Give it a few more days and then contact the help desk.

[quote=“surefire1, post:5, topic:4069”]Usually I’ve received stuff within 7-14 days and I’m in the UK.

Give it a few more days and then contact the help desk.[/quote]

Thanks, I did contact the help desk because there was no tracking/shipping information recorded against my order in the online system, and wanted to confirm that the order had been dispatched or if there was a delay, but so far after a week I have had no reply. I will wait till the end of this week which will make it 21 days. As a business owner myself I understand that sometimes there are delays or things get misplaced etc, but the key to a good business is good communication with your customers, and having no reply after a week doesn’t fill me with confidence.

Anyway am hoping that there is just a delay and will arrive sometime this week. Thanks for the replies I’ll give it a bit longer.

As I posted here to enquire about delivery times, I thought it only fair to update the thread. I received a message today from the Zendesk support, there was a delay and my circle has been shipped today and I have received my tracking number. So all’s right in the end.

Thanks BALG, looking forward to receiving it.

Awesome, good luck and please keep us posted!

Thanks Lady Eva :slight_smile:

Cirlcle finally arrived. Very impressed with it. Worth the wait!

Nice, cozy looking altar - cool. First you got me tricked that there was 2 circles :smiley: but it was a mirror after all.

Lol, yes, little trick so I can summon double the spirits :wink:

Was a little worried that it would be too big, but it fits perfectly. Thumbs up EA, Nice circle, pleased that I got it. I have shared on G+ and will let others know they can get great magick circles from you guys.