If her memories are scrambled use that to your advantage, a good lawyer will fuck her over the witness stand with the judges gavel. Work to further confuse her as well as work to get the judges favor. No point trying to lose the paperwork all over again, might as well get it over with and be done with it.

Well gee this sounds like a stable person who will respond well to being hit with powerful magick, as they are already in such good mental health.

If this is really the case you should hire a lawyer, and evoke King Paimon for his assistance in influencing the outcome.

First of you should of filed for a speedy trial forever ago! Doesn’t matter if they lost paperwork that’s there fuck up not yours. Sounds like your lawyer sucks. They have 6 months not years!

[quote=“nnnslogan”]Statistically the longer a case takes to go to trial, the better your chances of getting an acquittal or dismissal, so I’m not entirely unhappy with the results.

I do have lawyers on the case, of course, but the whole thing will go away if she recants again. The ridiculous thing is that I had a signed sworn affidavit that she wrote saying I was innocent, but she was pressured into changing her story again after that. The criminal justice system is grossly slanted against anyone who is accused of any crime. The prosecutors and judges have ridiculous amounts of power currently in the United States. If they can be made to change their minds and just throw it out, great. If she can be made to change her mind and recant again, even better. All it takes is one person to change their position and it all goes away.[/quote]

This will help in the future. Stay away from women that get mad and call the cops. I can see what is happening to you is simmilar to some of my past mistakes

Hecate can be evoked for court cases. I have had success with her help. The book New Avatar Power has a court case spell as well. Freeze spells against your opponent can be utilized. There’s a good attorney luck spell in Sorcerer’s Secrets. Lots of low magic spellcasting info is readily available as well. Pm me if you want further info.

I get the feeling you and Orismen will get along beautifully.

Belial seems like a good choice to change the mind of the accuser…and even favorably influence the judges. EA relates some instances where Belial got him out of certain jail time…

I’m sure EA can do that ritual for you, for a reasonable price of course. Or you can try it yourself if you are good enough at Evocation. Also, make sure to get a damn good trial attorney. I might even be able to recommend someone (however, I only know lawyers in Texas, California, and New Mexico).

Yea, they all do ‘minimal’ effort, it’s in the job description.

I’m sure he’ll put on a really nice show for you though…and tell you all about how ‘hard he fought’ for you.

Yea, they all do 'minimal' effort, it's in the job description.

I’m sure he’ll put on a really nice show for you though…and tell you all about how ‘hard he fought’ for you.

Just FYI, I am a lawyer myself, and I find this post both misleading and offensive. There are good lawyers out there who are passionate about their jobs and have the brains and integrity to do them well.

lol why would anyone decide to have no lawyer? unless they were phenominally charismatic there’d be a psychological factor involved that would almost invalidate any point made by an individual in their own defense regardless of their intelligence and skill in delivering the points they make since they have no law degree, and the lawyers do.

Tricky topic - sometimes, court-appointed/legal aid etc lawyers aren’t on your side.

I think a good lawyer is like a good gladiator - willing to put his/her all into the fight.

Having a bad lawyer (or one whose agenda is not to help you, for whatever reason) is like letting a poisonous snake into your sleeping bag.

What people think about lawyers is largely based on personal experience, and that can seem unfair to people who’ve found different results.

Me? Lawyers are great, dispassionate and committed to getting you the outcome you deserve. BUT I have family I trust who found out differently, so really, ask the spirits, they have a better and wider viewpoint on it all.

[quote=“Superstes, post:11, topic:1991”]

Yea, they all do ‘minimal’ effort, it’s in the job description.

I’m sure he’ll put on a really nice show for you though…and tell you all about how ‘hard he fought’ for you.

Just FYI, I am a lawyer myself, and I find this post both misleading and offensive. There are good lawyers out there who are passionate about their jobs and have the brains and integrity to do them well.[/quote]

Maxim: Set he would be deceived, be deceived.

Good luck praying on the braindead, BAR fly.

I will gladly take a ‘Public Attorney’; provided you stand in as Surety for the accused, thereby accept private compensation, creating no binding unconscionable contract via private currencies, nor private statutes without privity since I myself stand simply a 3rd party to all persons in action, thus estopping all action against my property, nullifying all attachment or joinder.

Of course…since 99.99% of all litigation today arises from barratry without legitimate causes of action [No action arises from an IMMORAL contract]…there really is no need for me to go around hiring BAR flies…is there? [An action is not given to one who has received no damages]

Still offended?

Quite simply, if you take the ‘benefit’ of an attorney, you, their supposed ‘client’, become a Ward of the Court, with the attorney’s duties to you LAST, with the court’s loyaty and obligation FIRST; you lose. [How can you serve 2 masters?]

It’s really that simple.

So… a bunch of BAR Lawyers get together in Chicago every-year, scribe 1,000,000 Acts & Statutes, [technical sounding though] then get them passed, drumming up more business for the BAR Association.

In essence, they write the laws, then force you to hire their association to defend against the same ‘law’ they just wrote down…the judge, both prosecutor, and defense, being members of the same club? [Of course, they defeat anti-Monopoly rules by claiming they are simply a guild…yet only they can provide the imaginary ‘license’ to practice law?]

Yet… people wonder why the State has a 99% conviction rate?

Good scam.

Of course, none of this crap went on before 1933, but no-one in the general public can figure out why…oh why…you ask? Do your own research and become competent.

–Competent Human

We have a saying in the profession (which is usually applied with respect to fellow attorneys who want to represent themselves in court cases): “one who intends to represent himself has a fool for a client.”

If you want to silence someone thats easy. in my experience everything in these systems is symbolic even with the aid of the spirit. You can never go wrong with Killling an animal and giving the blood to the spirit. Your going to need another person to help you do it though. A goat in my opinion is the most powerful way. you get a small one thats not too heavy. You have to have a friend hold the goat for you while you do the sacrifice. Put the goat on the ground first then make an x with all 4 legs. cradle your arms under the goat pulling the legs in the x. Now your friend has to stand there while you do the sacrifice. Tell him To hold on tight because sometimes it will kick. Tell him to wear old clothes cause Hes gonna smell like goat and your very liekly to get blood on you. Make sure he holds the legs tightly because sometimes they kick Tell him to be careful too because the way that he will be holding the goat its ButHole will be right by his arm. Sometimes They shit when they get scarificed. Roosters Always shit from a sacrifice. Especially White Chickens. Now its your part. You want to get a knife thats really sharp. And by the way the way once you hit the animals jugular they die instatnly so The little guy doesnt suffer. Even though They are food and hes gonna get killed any way be thankful because its you that fucked up. By you killing the goat your getting out of trouble. Ok so the knife goes in the blood comes out on the object. You want to hold the goat or animal that you sacrifice on an angle. The person holding the animal with the person holding the knife lower. So the blood flows down. Now after the goat is drained put him on the ground. Its time to cut his head off. You want to start cutting head off while your friend pulls lightly on the legs. It will make it faster to get his head off. You take the head and put it on top of what ever you sacrificed too. Ideally you want to leave it some where where It can rot and decompose. Its gonna smell like shit so you leave it outside where it breathe and be undisturbed. if you have to leave it in your house or basement get incense and a big bottle of ever clear. Pour it on the head regualrly it will dry it out faster. But You should ask the spirit what to do with goats Body. Like bring it to a jail or court house. The spirit will tell you what to do. I dont mean to offend anyone on here by talking about animal sacrifices on here but it is what it is.

What ever work you do still have a lawyer.

Just had court, felony probation magically disappears, no lawyers, just me & Belial, having fun in Oz. 26 days in jail to see the look on the judges face? Priceless!

I was just invited to speak on law and my court victory, amongst other things, w some friends on their youtube show; it turned out rather well, except my voice is basey from a horrid allergy season.

Let me know what you guys think…some of these are advanced topics, I don’t expect too many to grasp it all, but soon I will release more material.


^ Good news! :slight_smile:

Haven’t got time to properly listen in right now, looking forward to it when I have.

Ask your idiot lawyer to apply for the case to be dismissed, the time is long up for the prosecution to have produced the " book of evidence " , but if time is not an issue than you must have done something where the " statue of limitations " doesn’t exist.