Delete bad memories like theyre never existed

Is there some method like meditation, hypnosis, EFT tapping how to remove some memories so that we can completely remove them and forget them?

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I don’t think so, except that if you do workings to remove your emotional raction to them, then that piece isn’t in your field, and then you don’t care any more and forget it naturally.

Cord cutting and other visualisations that put the scene away, let it go or otherwise render it neutral are good to try.

With on attachment I had that was particularly stubborn, I wrote it down on a bit of paper, wrapped it in black silk, put it in a tin box, wrapped the tin box in a red fabric with an active circle on it, wound that up with chain from the hardware store, and threw it all in the bin.
That worked great. That’s a lot of symbolism for “forget it!”. lol


I believe it’s Archangel Zadkiel that can help you heal from past painful memories. I read this in Brand’s book Archangels of Magick and I’m not at home rn but when I can I’ll check and make sure that’s the correct name! There’s a ritual in there you can perform to call upon him to help you release these as well. I actually did it myself and I see results already.

I’m not sure if it’s exactly what you’re looking for but it has helped me a lot.

I have my own memories that I’m trying to forget/move on from and I’ve been working at it from a few angles and I’ve found it’s very helpful.


Oh! Good info, I might try this myself!

There are subliminal videos for erasing bad memories.

Many mentioned it makes regrets disappear, you can play the ones that have music, or the ones that are referred as “calm”, just with the rain playing in the background.


Memories can’t be “deleted”, they can only be forgotten (meaning not conscious due to them being irrelevant to the present situation) or repressed (still present, but invisible to the conscious mind). Probably you don’t want to repress them. So how do you forget a memory that is bugging you? By changing the way you perceive it, so that it becomes irrelevant.

Look up NLP VAKOG for a better description, but here are the basics:
Memories are “constructions” out of Images, Sounds, Feelings, Smells and Tastes. Each of them has “subqualities”. For example: The image of the memory can be big or small. Close to you or distant. You can see yourself in the image (dissociated) or see out of your own eyes (associated). Etc.
Sounds could be loud or quiet. Evil sounding or like Mickey Mouse-Like.

One way of changing your perception of the unpleasent memory is to note the qualities of a pleasant memory, and then change the qualities of the unpleasant memory to match the pleasant ones.

There are different techniques as well. If I remember correctly there is a video from Richard Bandler on YouTube, how he helps someone deal with a memory.

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