Deja Vu

It started off small first but now it’s getting to a point to where it’s freaking me out. When something in my life happens, like an event or something significant, not always but when it does. It’s as if I lived it before right on the spot. It’s like I’m living my life on repeat. Or as if everything is predetermined. It’s increased to a significant amount when I started getting into the occult and Black Magic. Has anybody else here had experience with this? I’m not just talking little Deja vu here. I’m talking extreme Deja vu to the point to where it feels like my life is on repeat. And the strange thing is I get the feeling that in other realities, or if I did live this life before, that I was not a Satanist or Black Magician in those realities or the first time I lived through this life. Please feel free to channel a deity or spirit for me if you wish. And if you had something similar please, do tell.


Whats that?

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Lol. Although all joking aside. A good explanation of my deja vu isn’t that things happen twice. It’s that one thing happens and I remember it as if I’ve lived this same exact life once before or a different version of it. Ex, Like I live through then die. Then am born again and relive the same life. What’s even stranger is I’m able to tap into others with the empath thing. (I’m an empath) When I tap in I almost have an internal knowing of life from their perspective and I get visions in my head of memories of being them and even seeing what it’s like from their perspective to talk to me while talking to them. This happenes unconsciously I can’t force it. Perhaps it’s a strong connection to the all and maybe not deja vu at all. I have no idea lol.

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Tell us if you can see more of these deja-vu situations and if you get ‘‘the gist’’ if there is one.

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God flashes something in your mind - you forget it, since it’s not happening “right now” and at some point it will happen.

i.e. deja vu,

Oh hey a black ca- wait Ive lived this moment seeing this black cat before!

Yeah, I get that too it happened right after my initial contact with the occult.

Id start living things I had lived before but I didnt realize it until I was living it.

They get weirder and will fold in on themselves, the past few times I had remembered I experienced the thing before when I had experienced it, so when I actually experienced it I got hit with two walls of Deja vu.

And when you start moving through timelines the vent is slighty changed, like when you experience it you know.

Yeah I get that too, I think about how my life is just a part of theirs and all the back stuff that doesnt happen with them.

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Had one real strong Deja Vu right now.
Its as they usually are for me that ive had all my life i go about my daily life and all of a sudden it strikes me i have seen/done this before.
This time its so specifik that there is no way i could even brist it aside.
From Sweden here and i have spent the last 2 hour watching a report about the shooting of our ”stadsminister” 34 years ago kinda big deal this pressconferance, after i decided ti play some candycrush that i started with like 3 weeks ago.
In a loosing move it hits me that ive been sitting in this chair doing this exact move and getting angry that i list the game while at the same time been Pondering the result of the revelation of the murder of Olof Palme. As a Deja Vu its like any other ive ever had but this circumstances are some that ive never had the possibility to encounter so it was a nice sudden flash of realisation that Deja Vus brings but stronger then in a long time, guess since this was such a specific thing. Must say this made my day so far(:slightly_smiling_face: