Déjà vu every day

I am now experiencing Déjà vu near every day, dose any one else experience it that often and just why…

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I sometimes get these feeling to not always.

I’ve been having that all my life, nearly everyday is deja vu, and certain events make it appear more abundantly than most. As for why? if I told you that we simply live the same life over and over in loop and we simply learn what steps to take, over repetitively doing usually the same thing and making micro changes along the way, attempting perfection and recreating the same life over again with each step of the day, would you believe me?

I would say both yes and no…

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I read somewhere that the more you indulge within magick the more deja vu you’ll get. And for me personally it’s true.

And for why I think it’s because your intuition grows stronger over time and as far as intuition goes it is useful for predicting things and one of the things you are predicting without really taking it consciously in is the future. As if seeing a parallel universe I’d say

But this would only be true if you have started to indulge in magick in some form or way and so on.

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See, Your mind has so many compartments. most of them have not been opened up. Everything that you have perceived, everything, even if you have perceived it unconsciously, it is still there. So, what’s déjà vu? It feels like you go to some place or you see somebody or some situation, it looks like you have already been there or you already known this or known this person or thing or experience or whatever. Ninety percent of the time it could be just a psychological process. Like I said our minds have so many compartments yet to be opened. Do you know people become schizophrenic, and there have been people who have over thirty different personalities.? Who play thirty personalities full scale, with total detail, without any hassle. Not just thirty, if you want, you can play three million. Because the mind is so elaborate. If you open up all, if you want to play three million roles, you can play three million roles, but it’s happening as a disease. So it’s a problem. If it was happening consciously, there was no problem. Isn’t it? And many people are playing roles consciously too. So, there are many many places in the head that you don’t know. One thing with your mind is, everything that you have perceived, everything, even if you have perceived it unconsciously it is still there. You’re just walking on the street. You’re driving through the streets at seventy-eighty miles per hour, most of you think you don’t even notice it consciously. But everything that the camera of the eye sees, it captures and it’s stored forever. It may not be consciously there, but it’s all there. The same goes for all five senses; every sound that you heard, every smell that you smelt, every taste that you tasted, and everything that you have touched and felt. It’s all recorded and kept, and a large part of it is unconscious. Because there is so much information inside, it could match up with almost anything that you see in the world, and it could make…if you’re gravitating towards something, the mind can create this illusion that you’ve already been there, because it has all the information needed to create a scene like that, it has everything in itself to do it. So, I would say ninety percent of the time it’s a psychological process. But there might have been sometimes, a few people might have experienced this, that they went to a place and it’s almost like everything about it they know. That is a real déjà vu. But I would like to keep that percentage to two percent of the reality, another eight percent may be out of control mental reactions to certain things. But in two percent of the cases it may be true. Why im bringing it down to this percentage is, because people don’t have control over their imagination. And if they like something, to assert that they will create so many things in the background of their mind, which is all a psychological process, which is of no consequence. But sometimes it could be true that it is so. Is there such a thing? Yes, there is. But most of the time, I would say ninety eight percent of the time, I would advise you discount it. You jus discount it as a psychological process. Otherwise, you will see…once you start believing in it, you will see it will start happening to you everywhere. That means you’re really going off control.

So if I regained my sense of smell I would no longer experience Déjà vu because I would no longer have all the required information, this all still dose not explain how I have been able to speak words in unison with someone when I should have no way of knowing what they would say, but your explanation dose make a lot of sense.

Technically I use my deja vu events as points of reference, things of significance that need to be done differently. If you’ve noticed your deja vu moment, have you also noticed shortly afterwards you come to face a choice?