Déjà-vu Déjà-vu

It all started yesterday When I received my NAP book I had a moment of this “déjà-vu” feeling.
But today as I’ve finished NAP and started “Secrets from beyond the pyramids”
I got an even stronger feeling of “déjà-vu” but even weirder I had the feeling that I already had that precise “déjà-vu” do you follow me ? :joy:

Am I breaking the matrix with my inbreed “déjà-vu” feeling or what ?

What is happeninnng

Edit : Also While picking a book from my wish list I choosed to close my eyes and put my finger an inch from the screen and feel where I felt some kind of energy coming from and then opening my eyes, My three tentatives end up on this very book on all of them so that’s why I bought it

I’ve experienced this before, its an odd feeling lol. So your not alone, although to be fair - I don’t understand it all that well.


They happen to me at least more than three times a week. They are not the absolute meaning of the deja vu. However, I see them in my dreams and forget totally about them until the event happens. Sometimes I think that I’m making up all of them! :smile: