Deity for Friendship

I am looking for a demon that is in charge of friendships. After searching throughout the Internet, I have decided to post this topic to get help. Does anyone know such deity? Does anyone know sources in the Internet that can provide me with information regarding this issue?

I dont know of one off the top of my head, but Im almost certain that in the lesser key of solomon (Ars Goetia first section) where it lists the 72 demons and some of the things they do, that several of them had something along the lines of being able to increase the fondness between people (not exact words), or bring people together. That could be interpreted as a romantic fondness, but perhaps not necessarily.

I know Ive seen something like that before in that list. Have you read all 72 descriptions?

ETA - Look here:

Word search “friend”. There are a lot of hits.

Another thing you can do as well, is to buy a small cluster of quartz points, one that’s naturally formed into a group, and charge that with intent to draw towards you likeminded people for any area of your life, then keep it on your desk, bedside table or whatever (somewhere you’re in its presence a lot and won’t forget about it).

Something like this - doesan’t have to be big or cost a lot of money:

Use your intuition for choosing one from a shop or market stall, and if the only way you can get one is online, then for 3 nights before set the intent that “On such-and-such-day at 7pm I will shop for the crystal for (however you phrase your intent)” to give the universe time to organise the right one.

Once you get it, wash it carefully, visualise any negative energy leaving into the water like sludge, then if you have a tuning fork or small bell, chime those over it and see clean white light travelling via the sound waves into the crystal. If you don’t have those, just visualise breathing in white light, and then gently blowing it into the crystal 3 times.

Once that’s done and it feels birght and sparkly, hold it in your hands, imagining a few scenarios where you’re with good quality people, enjoying their company and them enjoying yours, working on a shared interest or just hanging out and having fun, whatever is most compelling as the result you want to get.

Finally, in your mind or out loud, state that you have charged this being of crystal to draw to you good friends and fellows, who will enhance your life as you will theirs, and then place it carefully in the location you chose - it’s fine to use a piece of crumpled tinfoil, or even some Blu-Tack, to keep it in place if the base is a bit lumpy.

Periodically cleanse it (water’s fine for quartz, not so for citrine though) and recharge with the intent, and if you have several areas where you want to form alliances, use one per type of thing (so, say, one for evening classes, one for yoga classes, and one for book clubs - just to use some generic interests) and if you acquire any material things linked to that group over time, keep them by the crystal to reinforce the power.

It’s a nice thing to light an opccasional tealight beside it, as you do so summon up the images of what you originally programmed, or (later) images of the successful happy times you’re having now.

I’ve been doing this since my white-light days, for all types of things, and it really works - almost everyone likes to make more friends, so what you’re doing is in harmony with the overall treands of human nature anyway.