Deity Dream?

So last night I asked for a god or goddess to reach out to me; being I feel as though none at the moment are really working with me other than Lilith. So, the day carried usual and I went to bed.

I was in what can only be described as a glass globe. My sister and I were trapped in it, but comfortably.
We were watching the moon. I pointed out I saw something off the other night about the moon and it started to happen again. The only way I can describe it is to think of a dust storm taking over the moon. first It was red and then it took over to black and all purple. It stopped after a while but the dust had a red haze over it and I said it couldn’t be real. I thought the red must’ve meant the sun was about to explode. Then it went dark and I “woke up” in another dream. but this time things were missing and a lot of dolls and such I have were “movie” type of possessed. They would make expressions and grab onto things and me. I demanded they let go and they did, but they followed me until I walked up to a sign. I couldn’t read it. My mind knew It was a dream because of that and I actually woke up after that.

I’m not sure if this sounds like anyone, but if anyone has had similar it would be helpful to know where to go after this.

It seems a bit hard to pinpoint who it may be as this is something any deity or entity could do within a dream. Was there any symbolism like how Odin or the morrigan is symbolized by the raven or wolf, those type of symbols throughout the dream?

I posted it in the wrong place but I was saying it could be Hecate; I caught the focus on the moon and that is the first one to pop into mind. I imagine there are other goddesses of the moon that could fit but thats for OP to look into.


As far as I saw, I couldn’t find anything more than the moon and how vivid it was. So I believe that was the only large clue I was given that I noticed

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