Deities that can protect you from demons

I need to find a god that can protect me from demons. Hecate was good option but I had issues with her.

Kali. She is a demon killer in her mythology.


She’s even more dangerous than the demons. Are you familiar with her? What can you say about her, what benefits does she bring to the life of her follower?

Well, yes, don’t you want a diety that’s more dangerous than demons to be able to protect you from them? :joy:

She has a motherly side. You should try the search and look up what people say about her.

Personally, I don’t like her, but that really is just a weird bias on my part, as I prefer masculine energy over feminine.

I would not take this approach of hiding behind someones skirts at all, and fight my own battles.


Demons are not as strong as most people think, this is an illusion

So are deities in this case, as one persons deity is another person’s demon… You don’t need illusions to protect from illusions then. :smiley:


Well, you could go the traditional route and call on the Abrahamic god. Christ and Michael are definitely good at dealing with demons.

Though, there are demons that help fight demons, like Pazuzu.

Thor is pretty good if you’re going into the Norse pantheon.


How about Lucifer who is said to be the emperor of demons?

There are no demons other than the infernal empire. They all work together. Even the Kingdoms of flame from Koetting’s grimoire are also part of the inferns, vassal states. Angels from there are not angels at all. It’s all one big fake from a clown named Koetting. One demon will not help you in the fight against others. He will help you - you will already owe him. “Welcome to hell, new debtor” he will tell you after.

Norse pantheon is pretty good, I’m thinking about it. But I stopped on Thoth. He must be mighty

I read that the gods of the north betrayed other people, although this is all individually. I don’t think this is a good option.

Idea to ask one demon save you from another is generally stupid. I don’t mean to be rude, but it is so

Demons are gods of ancient cultures. You need to let go of this dualist worldview Christianity has put on you. Demons can be summoned to protect and Angels can be summoned to attack.

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They are. And they also are motherfuckers that sent a killer in the astral plane to kill me. They are morons that betrayed me and other people

No, they are not. That is just LHP religious propaganda. Only 6% of the spirits in the Goetia, for example, have any historical basis as gods. That’s a whopping 5 out a total of 72 spirits. Somehow this always gets generalized into the false idea that “all demons are gods” and that just isn’t true at all.

I hate to repeat myself but real demons do exist. They are found in every culture, so it has nothing to do with Christian duality.


The idea of demons being “evil spirits” comes from Christian propaganda. Christianity demonized the ancient gods.

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What makes you sure about that?

Some, yes. But so did other religions (Contrary to LHP fantasy, the pagan tribes were well known for doing this as well. When they wiped out villages, they would also desecrate and destroy their idols and demonize their gods).

The very fact that the concept of evil spirits exists in every culture in the world, including pre-Christian cultures, shows this to be utter BS. There have always been malevolent spirits aka demons, and no matter how much anti-Christian bias people on the LHP want to spout, it doesn’t change this fact. Demon is simply the common, Romanized, word for them in the Western world.

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Cause they did, man. What the fuck is your question

So what are these spirits? The spirits of Goetia is not necessarily evil. Some of them can bring healing and other positive things. Angels can also bring harm and destruction.

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Yes, they can. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t also be evil. Having a benevolent ability does not exclude them from being malevolent.

Take the Sumerian demon Pazuzu, for example. His father, Hanpu, was literally the god of evil and all evil forces, and Pazuzu himself ruled over the lilu, wind demons that brought pestilence and disease. He was considered to be the personification of the southwestern wind and was said to be destructive and dangerous. However, he also had an aspect that was often invoked for protection against other demons, and effigies of his visage were used as wards for the home, similar to the way gargoyles are used on churches. The Sumerians and Akkadians never considered Pazuzu as anything other than evil, so it was basically seen as warding off malicious spirits with an even greater evil force (on some protective amulets, Pauzu was sometimes invoked alongside two benevolent deities in order to minimize his malicious aspect).

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